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CSUEB Preview/Homecoming Day 2023

The annual event brought the past, the present, and the future together
Vincent Witel
Car show at CSUEB 2023 alumni homecoming, Saturday, October 7th 2023

Saturday, October 7th, 2023, California State University, East Bay hosted its annual Preview Day as well as the Alumni Homecoming which featured a car show. 

In one of the most highly anticipated events that take place on the campus of CSUEB during every Fall semester, the annual Preview and Homecoming Day was a success. 

Preview Day, a day in which prospective students most of them likely visiting the campus for the first time, got to enjoy some complimentary refreshments, and events as well as a chance for the current students who were working the event to give a great first impression to the prospective students. 

“What’s important about this weekend is showing off our future Pioneers our pride and what there is to offer at this school, what they can get involved in, because we want people to get involved  rather than just come to class and go home,” said Lauren MacDonald Associated Students, INC Presents Manager

“It’s just wonderful seeing so many people coming in person to experience Cal State East Bay.” Said CSUEB President Cathy Sandeen on the importance of this day. She also added “There were two general groups who are here, one are our prospective students…The other group who were here today are our alumni, they’re coming back. This is homecoming. They get to come back and see the campus, reunite with friends”

The festivities for Preview Day commenced with President Sandeen addressing the prospective students and family members.

Preview Day had scheduled a full day of events for those in attendance. A resource fair with faculty members from every department took place, as well as other workshops such as navigating financial aid and how to avoid student loan debt from racking up. 

Prospective students and their families were also given an opportunity to go on a tour of the campus, view different places like the CORE building, and see some of the residential halls for those who will live on campus. 

Prospective students from all areas have a variety of reasons why they are considering going to CSUEB. “I’m coming from Fresno State, just getting tired of the Central Valley, so I am looking for something new.” Said Jeremiah Cedano, a Stockton native who is a Business major already. Other students have the local flavor as part of their consideration like Gisel from Hollister, “I like it because it’s far from home and I can still go home on the weekends”. She plans to major in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing. 

On top of the workshops and tours, the event also featured a chance to showcase clubs on campus. “This weekend for us to meet all incoming Freshman as well as transfer students to be implied and get to know all the other organizations on campus,” said Rebecca the Vice President of Operations for Tri Sigma.

On top of Preview Day, this day also featured the Alumni Homecoming day. Alumni from California State University, East Bay made a return to campus. Some of the events taking place were the 3rd annual Homecoming Car Show where alumni and members of the Hayward community brought in classic cars for people to enjoy, a Meet and greet with President Sandeen, the Inclusive Performance Festival, as well as food and vendor tents throughout the campus.  

Other events included alumni-specific events where people can meet alumni, a 40 under 40 picnic, and a Golden Graduate Ceremony. “That is for people who graduated 50 years ago, that’s 1973 or before, and we do a little lunch, give them a medal, and we hear stories about what it was like when they were students,” said CSUEB President Cathy Sandeen.

Vincent Witel

One CSUEB alum Jack Mathieson Class of 1966 back when it was called California State University, Hayward was amazed to see how much the school has changed over the years. “The school is so large, when I was there was what, the Science building and the Fine Arts building and the tower which is gone now. When I was there the music building was built.” Mathieson was one of the alumni who brought a classic car, his 1956 Red Ford Thunderbird. While a student at East Bay he was a member of their first ever football team his Senior year in 1965. 

In addition to the older alumni’s, even more recent alumni’s used this event as an excuse to visit their old stomping ground. “It is exciting to be back here, even though it has been a few months since I graduated. Proud to be an alumni I grew up in this area, and it is definitely a homecoming as the event states” said Class of 2023 graduate Rebecca Verhoek.

Events like Preview Day and Alumni Homecoming Day are a great way for current students to connect with alumni from the past and welcoming in the future students at the same time. 

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