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Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

Potential Impact on the Mental and Medical Health of the Student Community
Trenton Goudeaux
Visual image of the Student Health & Counseling Service located on the campus of California State University, East Bay

The Student Health & Counseling Services located on the campus of California State University, East Bay is a medical outpatient clinic stationed and intended for students who attend the university. The clinic is equipped with board certified physicians, nurse practitioners, medical staff, counselors, and more, all embarked on a goal to improve the overall health and mental well being of the CSUEB student community. 

The medical outpatient clinic provides services such as immunizations, ADHD treatment, sexual treatment, urgent care, counseling, pharmaceutical needs, and more. They also provide groups and workshops to host health education events.

Although the clinic is loaded with resources designed to treat most injuries and illnesses, as well as mental illnesses, a good portion of the student community either have never visited the clinic or are not fully aware of their services. 

Considering we live in a time of society where roughly 77% of college students experience “moderate to serious psychological distress”, according to the National College Health Association; it is most important now, that more students are aware of these services which are provided to them and they exploit such resources to the best of their ability.

During an interview with the Director of Counseling Services, Shauna Olsen Hong, when asked if she feels as though students are aware of their services and utilize them she replied stating, “I wish I could say yes, most students I do interact with say ‘I didn’t know where the clinic was located’”. 

Shauna Olsen Hong also suggested that many students are not aware whether they qualify for the treatment and services which are provided by the clinic. She further went on to express the importance that students are aware of the fact that all enrolled students qualify for any service or resource provided by the Student Health & Counseling Services. 

Hong stated, “All students pay a health fee in their tuition package … this also qualifies them for counseling services such as individual counseling, anxiety depression management, crisis services, and more.

Hong has worked for the clinic since 2009 and expressed that they attempt to make themselves more accessible to students by hosting events and making themselves available for virtual counseling appointments as well. 

Students who have experienced service from the Student Health & Counseling Services typically speak in high volumes regarding their services. When asking a student leaving her counseling appointment she stated, “I feel calmer, happier and more equipped to handle challenging situations. I wish I would have started counseling a long time ago!”

The Student Health & Counseling Services is committed to providing high quality care to all enrolled CSUEB students. If any students are in need of any services you may schedule an appointment ( or call number (510)885-3735). All health care services will be confidential.

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