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Meet Mr. and Ms. CSUEB 2011-2012

Mr. and Ms. CSUEB after receiving their titles.

“Leadership is action, not position,” said broadcaster Donald H. McGannon, remarking a proverb that two CSUEB students aim to embrace this year as they adopt the influential titles of Mr. and Ms. CSU East Bay.

Recipients of this year’s Associated Student Inc. (ASI) $1,000 Campus Leader Scholarships, seniors Jamel Leair Jackson and Elizabeth Ortiz, say they plan to use their titles to entice students to become active participants on campus and take pride in their school.

Two students who are extremely excited to use their positions in a positive way, said their ultimate goal is to connect the student body with events on campus to potentially enhance their college experience.

“This position can help me empower others to make their voices heard,” said Ortiz. “To me it’s not just a title, I plan to use this position to create action that will hopefully create a campus where people are involved and engaged.”

Recipients for Mr. and Ms. CSUEB 2011-2012 were chosen through a sub-committee, who chose the students they felt best demonstrated academic achievement and exemplary leadership in student initiatives, clubs, organizations, athletics, committees, and the like on campus.

Mr. and Ms. CSUEB will essentially serve as the liaisons between ASI and the student body to effectively communicate what students want from their student government.

“Our campus needs to become more alive and energetic,” said Jackson. “Students are lacking school spirit and they don’t feel excited about their school. Campus has so much potential to be engaging and fun, but everyone needs to play their part. We all have to contribute.”

As an aspiring R&B artist who hopes to one day open a non-profit organization to expose inner-city youth to music, 21-year-old Communications major Jackson plans to use his musical background to connect with students on how to make their time at CSUEB enjoyable and memorable.

Jackson wants to promote campus events more efficiently so students can truly utilize services they not only pay for, but can add to the college experience.

“If I can put a message through music and impact people then I can do my role justice,” said the Hayward native. “Music can inspire and bond people, and that’s just what this school needs, to be the place where everyone can graduate feeling their years at CSUEB were great.”

For Ortiz, a Biology major with a Forensics emphasis who has been applying for the scholarship since her freshman year, receiving this award was the one goal she wanted to fulfill before graduating from CSUEB.

“I want to be another voice for students because there are a lot of things that can be improved and I want to help facilitate that change,” said Ortiz.

Ortiz said that campus events such as “ASI Presents,” “Bayfest” and other events need to be publicized better and marketed in ways that entice students to come.

“Becoming an active participant in your school is just like being an active voter in your government,” she said. “It gives you an opportunity to have a say and get what you want out of your representatives. I want students to know that I will do everything in my position to help them do that, because I believe students should get what they deserve.”

Randy Saffold, Executive Director of ASI, encourages students to utilize the services available to them through their student government, as well as apply for available scholarships.

“In this economy, it is very important for students to remain aware of any opportunity to be recognized for their achievements and find resources to offset the cost of higher education,” said Saffold. “Higher education is a primary source of budget cuts and thus it is vital that students matriculate through the system to keep an eye out for scholarships such as those available through ASI.”

“This is the beginning of a great year for us,” said Ortiz. “Jamel and I are humbled with this award, and encourage people to take advantage of these scholarships.”

“Although I’ve just started, I know this scholarship will change the way I see myself forever,” she added.

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Meet Mr. and Ms. CSUEB 2011-2012