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Fusion Food and a Good Party

On the west side of Lombard Street in San Francisco, a tiny sushi restaurant serves up fresh, innovative menu choices with a dance club atmosphere.

Mas Sake, which opened in 1999, prides itself on serving up “freestyle sushi,” a term coined to describe the restaurant’s non-traditional sushi menu, including sushi rolls with guacamole or mango.

Owners decided on the name Mas Sake in order to describe the Japanese-Mexican fusion menu, “mas” meaning “more” in Spanish, and sake being a traditional Japanese alcoholic drink.

Just inside the doors, a bar and waiting area the size of an average living room was packed with customers anxious for a taste of the signature sake-infused martinis and other beverages.

Mas Sake’s menu isn’t the only thing that is a fusion of ideas—the place comes off as a restaurant-club hybrid.

A peek just past the bar will reveal a room designated for dining not much bigger than the standing room-only bar area.

Filled to capacity, long tables seat sushi and teriyaki lovers trying to talk to each other over the loud music more aptly suited for a dance club.

While the website clearly boasts that the establishment is perfect for large groups, the closely placed tables that pack customers in like sardines make it hard for large groups to sit comfortably and even place their order.

The well-acclimated, friendly waiting staff ensures that everyone in the restaurant has the opportunity to place their order and makes a real effort to keep their customers as comfortable as possible.

The moderately priced food is made with high quality fish with complimentary flavors that sound intimidating on the menu, but translate into a tasty treat.

The menu also features a number of delicious meals for those not interested in raw food, like the chicken teriyaki plate and New York steak tacos.

Though Mas Sake is frequently filled to the brim with people, food orders are taken and delivered promptly and correctly. The kitchen keeps its workstation in order so that all parties get exactly what they want without waiting too long.

If you’re in the mood for a quiet evening out, then Mas Sake is not the place for you.

The restaurant was clearly designed with the young party crowd in mind and delivers a hip sushi place that would satisfy the best of them with their fresh scene and creative restaurant layout.

Mas Sake isn’t for everyone with its blasting music, tight space and non-traditional menu items, but if you know what you’re getting yourself into, it can be a fun night out with good food and interesting drink choice.

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Fusion Food and a Good Party