Word on the Street – “What are your plans on Valentine’s Day this year?”

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“My respect of Valentines is every day. I have my wife and daughter and I give them love every day. When I came to the United States I learned they have a specific day to celebrate love. So, last year I just visited my friend and gave him a flower just to show our friendship is in a good place.”

Anas Jabalti
Senior – Accounting


“We’re going to throw a big party with everyone who is single, so we can mingle. It’ll be for all the third wheels out there. Hopefully cupid can do something.”

Juan Cardona
Senior – Physical Therapy


Audrey Carrillo

“I have no plans even for Valentine’s Day. My mom is my valentine every year and she’s not going to be with me this year.”
Audrey Carrillo
Sophomore –  Sociology



“I think I’m going to get together with some of my sisters from Alpha Phi and just watch movies and hang out together.”

– Sharmaine Tabo
Sophomore – Undeclared



“On Valentine’s day I’m going to be working the drive-thru in Castro Valley at McDonalds and that’s about it.”
– Mariela Cortez
Freshman –  Liberal Studies




“My plans are to take my girl out. Take her on a romantic date. I’m going to show up on her doorstep with chocolates, a teddy bear and flowers—roses, but only the good ones that she likes or else she’s going to throw them back in my face.”

– Deante Broussard
Freshman – Art



“I’m planning on going mountain biking with my wife near Mt. Shasta. That’s pretty much it— mountain biking, have a picnic out there and chill out at the beach afterwards.”

– Daniel Bermeo
Senior – Psychology