CSUEB Celebrates 50 Years of PASA

Monet Troche and Paolo Acob

After more than two years, PCN returns to Studio Theatre at Cal State East Bay.

The Pilipinx American Student Association of California State University, East Bay held PCN50: Dance Exhibition on April 16, 2022, commemorating the Pilipinx culture and the 50th anniversary of PASA at CSUEB.

The show was hosted by three directors, Joanne Cabanlit: Cultural Director of Logistics, Paolo Acob: Cultural Director of Acting; and Ana Sambile: Cultural Director of Dance.

The event consisted of cultural dances including Bulaklakan, Tinikling, Hip Hop, Lumagen, Malakas at Maganda, Contemporary, Singkil, and the CORE’s dance Kuntao Silat.

The CORE is PASA’s governing body elected each year and oversees all PASA aspects, including events, community building, public relations, Pilipinx Consciousness Nights, and more.

The founders of PASA, Randy Sabado and the late Geraldine Anne Low-Sabado, created PASA at CSUEB in 1972 as a response to Martial Law being enacted in the Philippines to bring Filipinos together and build a community for one another in the U.S. In PCN50’s program, Meller Gran, President of PASA, stated, “Thank you to Randy Sabado and the late Mrs. Gerry Low-Sabado. This night is to commemorate the 50 years of PASA that started because of you both and others before us. Thank you for what both have given us and the community you started!”

Malaya Tri-City, Malaya meaning free, is a local chapter of Malaya Movement-USA who were in attendance at PCN50, which seeks not only to broaden the opposition from the U.S. to fascism but also to broaden U.S.-based support for the cause of freedom and democracy in the Philippines.

Malaya is currently gathering a petition to send to the Philippines consulate to demand “Nasaan ang aking balota?” (Where is my ballot?) and encourage community members to report any issues/hurdles they experience in doing their civic duty, and any form of voting fraud as the Philippines presidential election will happen on May 9, 2022.

Family and friends were in attendance, and the theatre was lively with cheer and support for those who performed. For more information about PASA of CSUEB and PCN, visit pasacsueb.org.