City of Hayward receives $900,000 grant from CSUEB

City of Hayward receives $900,000 grant from CSUEB

Tia L. Wilson,
Staff Writer

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In June, the Hayward City Council authorized the receipt of $876,875 from CSUEB, which is to be distributed in increments over five years. This funding will come from the $30 million grant CSUEB received from the U.S. Department of Education to go towards the Hayward Promise Neighborhood.

The Hayward Promise neighborhood is modeled after the Harlem Children’s Zone concept, which focuses on looking at every aspect of a student’s life that influences their success in an attempt to address intergenerational poverty. The Promise Neighborhood program was authorized under the Obama administration. The Hayward program was one of just four programs to receive this kind of grant funding in 2018, according to the East Bay Times.

This $30 million grant is the third CSUEB received for the Hayward Promise Neighborhood and the school has collaborated with the city in the planning and use of all three grants. The funding the city will receive, however, will be focused into their homework centers.

“[The city is] only receiving money to continue and expand into South Hayward the Homework Centers, now called Family Education Centers, that serve the whole family,” assistant city manager and Neighborhood Services manager, David Korth, told The Pioneer.

These Family Education Centers will provide after school homework support and other services for students. These rebranded centers will also provide services to anyone involved in the student’s life in order to ensure the student’s continued success.

The grant will be distributed over a period of five years with this year serving as a planning year. It also requires continued collaboration between CSUEB and the City of Hayward to ensure the continued success of the Hayward Promise Neighborhood.