How to stay safe at CSU East Bay at night

How to stay safe at CSU East Bay at night

Teleia Johnson,

Campus life here at Cal State East Bay is just like any other college campus. Students are scrambling around like ants trying to get to their colony; lines at Subway and Panda Express are out the door, parking spots are scarce and there’s hardly anywhere to sit and get some peace and quiet.

On a good day, you’ll be able to hear some sort of hip-hop music playing in the quad while students mingle, dance and hang out around the grass. At night, things begin to die down and there’s not too much action going on around the dark and deserted campus, except for the few students you might see walking from class to their dorms or cars.

The campus is more than likely a safe place, but it is also an open campus, which means not everyone you meet will be a student. So, taking precautions while on campus is always important, whether it is walking to class, going to your dorm or walking to your car.

After speaking with Lieutenant Omar Miakhail, who has been with the Campus Police Department since 2003, I was given some insight on things Pioneers should know whenever they’re on campus.

For starters, there is always 24-hour patrol that circles the campus, including weekends and holidays. The police department is always on duty and there is always someone working in dispatch. Officers and student service officers patrol different areas of the campus from the parking lots, housing areas and campus areas, staying visible at all times. Although student service officers are unable to stay on duty for 24 hours because they are, of course, students just like us, Miakhail did make it clear that there is always a full staff working at the university police department.

According to Miakhail, here’s what you can do to be as safe as possible on campus at night:

  1. Walk in groups, if possible.
  2. Stay on paths that have light. Use caution when walking by Meiklejohn; the lights on this path don’t work at all.
  3. Try not to have any of your personal items visible.
  4. If at any time you feel uncomfortable, call UPD for an escort. They will either walk or drive you to your destination.
  5. Use the blue call boxes located all over the campus. They connect you directly to dispatch at the UPD.
  6. Get a sound grenade. This device is used to get someone’s attention and can be connected to your key chain. All you have to do is pull the top piece off and toss the bottom piece.
  7. Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Feel free to request an escort at any time by calling (510) 885-3791, and remember to always stay safe.