New year, new experiences: No sophomore slump for me

Marissa Marshall,
Staff Writer

Having just finished my sophomore year of college at Cal State East Bay, I’ve had a little time to reflect on the person have become over the past two years as a college student.

Last year I wrote an article about my freshman year of college titled ‘Home Away from Home’ in which I spoke about my transition from my hometown of Los Angeles to school in the Bay Area.

During my freshman year, I tried to adjust to my new surroundings, but really enjoyed my freedom and finding myself. I started college as a soccer player, but realized that it was not for me anymore, so I spent the rest of that year searching for who I was and who I wanted to be away from the field.

I tried my hand at different things like hanging out with different groups of people, exploring the Bay, but what resonated most with me was writing. Writing let me speak on my truest, deepest thoughts and established a sense of freedom when I did not know exactly who I was.

I’ve written for CSUEB’s student newspaper The Pioneer, created a blog, and wrote in my free time about all different types of things. I explored sports, poetry, opinion pieces, and of course informing the public about Beyonce and her impact on Black culture. Through my writing, I’ve tried to bring awareness to social issues, especially when it comes to the women’s issues.

That was freshman year.

Reflecting on my sophomore year at East Bay, I’m amazed at what I am becoming and how two years of college have molded me into a better person.

Being away from home during my second year was different than it had been in my first. I felt more mature and ready to take on my college endeavors with an approach that was much deeper than just being away from home and independent.

I took it upon myself to make it a year of progress and improve myself in every way possible.

I took less trips back to my hometown, dedicated myself to my academics like never before by sacrificing and putting them first in every situation. I took on multiple jobs and tried to brand myself by publishing more of my work so people could see what I represented in order to get closer to my career goals after college of being a sports broadcaster.

This new approach helped me attain a 3.9 grade point average throughout the school year, which earned me a spot on the Dean’s List. I also created an entire website on my own, went to sports reporting conferences in different states, improved my writing and created a valuable network of people along the way.

Year two was about business and I stuck to it.

I started the school year off as teenager and ended the year as a 20-year-old woman. I felt that it was time to become the adult I always tell my parents I am every time they tell me to do something.

There comes a time when you realize that the time has come for you to start chasing your goals and mold yourself into your own person. This was the time for me.

Year one of college was about finding myself and year two was about molding myself into the woman I want to be and who I want others to see me as.

I am happy at the progress I made being away from home in my second year; the Bay became more of a home for me instead of just a temporary place. It will never replace Los Angeles, but I have enjoyed my new experiences and obligations that are helping me become the person I want to be in the future.