Training is a waste of my time


T. P.,
CSUEB Student

Dear time wasters,

The Title IX training makes about as much sense as having people watch videos to prevent bullying; bullies will still bully.

Why don’t you guys make freshman do this or people under 21?

This is an insult. By the way, how do you feel about people who HAVE been victims of sexual assault reliving their experience because of these forced videos?

Then you threaten us with a registration hold?

Someone didn’t think this through or some planning group must have fell victim to group think. This training forces so much down our throats, it may even make people nervous about asking someone out on a date for fear of being accused of sexual assault.

The more a student doesn’t know

about a subject, the more they are forced to watch videos?

Excuse me, I have a life, a non-sexually-assaulting life. What’s next, forcing people to take psychological testing to see if their the type that would assault people? Give me a break people, this training has gone way too far.

Hey Title IX people, if you force police officers in police departments that shoot unarmed black people to watch a culturally informative video, do you think that it will reduce the number of killings disproportionately affecting the black community?

If you answered yes, you’re an idiot.

If you answered no, then you should agree that Title IX training is a complete waste of time and money for most of students, faculty, and staff.

Use that money to decrease tuition.