Summer construction continues on Hayward campus

Kali Persall,
Managing Editor

A series of maintenance projects to renovate campus buildings, repair parking lots and replace outdated equipment are taking place across the Cal State East Bay Hayward campus this summer.

Keat Saw, director of the Planning, Design and Construction department at CSUEB, told The Pioneer construction projects this summer include repaving the roads surrounding campus and parking lots E and F, expanding the temporary parking lot at the former practice soccer field, replacing windows and furnaces in the Sonora student housing building, upgrading four classrooms, replacing four A&E Entry Doors with sliding doors and renovating the Old University Union Game Cave, Health Center and the Library courtyard.

Saw said that construction and maintenance is done throughout the year, but the university plans it’s more “disruptive” construction projects during summer, when student attendance is lower.

Renovation on the library courtyard has redirected students to the second-story entrance since June 13, when construction began. According to Saw, a significant portion of the courtyard also serves as the roof to the basement level located below.

The building was built in 1971 and deterioration of the waterproof membrane has caused the basement ceiling to leak when it rains. The project budget is $1.25 million and will replace the waterproofing membrane and pavers, which will be sloped toward the drainage system, said Saw. A June announcement to the campus predicted an Aug. 9 completion date, but Saw confirmed that construction will be finalized on Sept. 15.

Annie Shi, East Bay’s PDC project manager, told The Pioneer that $3.6 million was allocated to repave West Loop, East Loop and Harder Roads as well as parts of Carlos Bee Boulevard. Parking lots E and F will be closed until Sept. 21, the first day of the fall term, according to a June 24 announcement from Derrick Lobo, director of Parking and Transportation Services at CSUEB.

The roads are being repaved due to cracks in the pavement, according to Shi. Street parking along West Loop Road has also been closed throughout the week, consistent with Lobo’s announcement that areas of the roads will be closed intermittently throughout the summer. The construction started in late June and will continue throughout the summer, ending before the fall term begins.

The parking lot repavement is part of a university initiative to repave all of the parking lots, focusing on a few at a time. Last summer, lots A and B were constructed at the site of the former Warren Hall building, which was demolished on Aug. 17, 2013. The Warren Hall replacement building, known as the Academic Services Building, opened on the Hayward campus in 2015 and cost more than $38 million to complete, according to East Bay’s Facilities Development and Operations Department. This year, lots E and F will be repaved to meet the most recent code requirements mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Parking Services is funding the renovations, according to Shi.