CSUEB makes training mandatory

Jayakrishna Dasappan,

What does one do to protect himself or herself during a sexual assault? Does everyone on campus know what to do? A new California State University program titled “Not Anymore” aims to provide answers to those and other questions about sexual assault for students.

The “Not Anymore” program is completely online and geared to inform students about sexual misconduct.

This year it was made mandatory by the CSU Chancellor, Title IX coordinators, as well as by state and federal mandates. The “Title IX” act is part of the Education Amendment of 1972, which aims to eliminate any sexual discrimination in schools and colleges, and also take immediate action on sexual harassment. The department on campus, Risk Management and Internal Control, is headed by Title IX coordinator Terri Labeaux.

Before the “Not Anymore” program, there was an alcohol education program that every student had to complete. “AlcoholEdu” was a requirement for students, however there were no repercussions if they did not complete the program.

With “Not Anymore” this year, the final deadline was April 29, and this program carried with it a hold on student accounts if it was not completed.

“Not Anymore” utilizes pre and post-tests as well as a set of videos to educate students on issues surrounding sexual assault. Not only is it mandatory to complete the program, but every student is required to score 70 percent for full completion. As made apparent by the program, women and men alike are affected by sexual abuse.

According to the reports from the Health Center at CSUEB, one in every five women and one in every 25 men are sexually assaulted.

The program starts with a pre-test followed by several videos and interviews of sexual assault victims, leading up to the post-test, which is the one that students must score 70 percent on.

Reaction on the Hayward campus has been mixed.

“It is good that the school made it mandatory,” said Anthony Salas, a junior at CSUEB. However, Karim Chao, a sophomore, felt different.

“I am not going to sexually assault someone and if someone tries to assault me or my friends, I have a taser to protect me and my friends,” Chao said. “I do not need a test to save myself.”

“Not Anymore” teaches how a guy or a girl should behave during a party or any social event, how to read the signs and be aware of what the intentions of others are especially when alcohol is involved.