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Gentlemen, Step Your Game Up for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can provide men the perfect opportunity to sweep their woman (or man) off their feet. For those men who don’t have their act together, this could be a day that easily lands them a permanent spot in the doghouse.

That being said, let us take this time to go over some things men may want to keep in mind come Feb. 14.

First things first, do not forget the day. If you manage to forget Valentine’s Day, you are definitely in big trouble. Not only will your honey be upset with you for that day, but most likely it will be brought up until the following Valentine’s Day. Therefore, make sure this does not happen.

For those who have been planning on “popping the question,” this might be the perfect day to do so. It would make this Valentine’s Day one to remember.

Valentine’s Day has always been associated with flowers, candy and stuffed animals. This is all fine and dandy, but maybe this year can be one of change.

Fellas, let’s break away from cliches and try to spice things up a bit. The weather has been beautiful these past couple of weeks, so it might be nice to do something outdoors.

A romantic picnic is always nice. That is as long as you bring a nice blanket for you both to sit on—nothing is romantic about messing up a new outfit on muddy grass.

Lake Merritt is only about 20 minutes away, so perhaps a nice walk, hand-in-hand by the water.

Dinner and a movie always make for a good time as well. If your funds are low, how about a nice home-cooked meal and a Redbox movie. If your sweetheart is 21 or older, a nice glass of wine or champagne might go along nicely with the meal.

Enjoying a good drink with your special someone can be nice and relaxing. However, notice I said a drink, not drinks. Try to drink to enjoy and savor the taste, not to get wasted.

What would be the point of going out of your way to make the day special for your honey, when they are just going to get drunk and not remember the festivities the next morning?

A way to express your creativity can be to write a poem or song. If you don’t have any talent, go with corny. That always makes for a good laugh and a lifetime of memories.

A sweet gesture can also be to make homemade cookies. Can’t bake? Let Pillsbury help you out. Can you say “refrigerator section, slice and bake cookies”? If you’re feeling good, take it a step further and buy decorator icing and add designs.

Men can never go wrong by hand-delivering the traditional cards, candy, flowers or just a kiss to your valentine while they are at school or work. Hand-delivered gifts will also work on a person who may not know just how you feel about them (minus the kiss, of course).

If you are unsure that the feeling is mutual, don’t go for the kiss. You don’t want to embarrass yourself, and remember, “stalker” is not a term of endearment.

Now that we have covered sweet gestures that you can do, let us quickly touch on some things you should avoid altogether.

Do not take your sweetheart to a fast food joint on Valentine’s Day. There has never been anything sexy about anybody’s value menu. If you take your sweetie to Burger King, I guarantee you will not “have it your way” later on.

It can unattractive to tell your boo how you have big plans to take them out for a romantic night, then turn around and ask them what time they will be ready to pick you up. Try to avoid that—it kills the romance.

Last but not least fellas, don’t forget to practice random acts of kindness” throughout the year to stay in your partner’s good graces and to stay out of the doghouse. Why does Valentine’s Day have to be the only day you show your sweetheart appreciation? Don’t stop there, get it going all year long. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

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Gentlemen, Step Your Game Up for Valentine’s Day