Annual campus art exhibition to open

Sam Benavidez,
Arts & Life Editor

The annual juried student exhibition at California State University, East Bay’s Art gallery is coming to the Hayward campus on Tuesday.

“The artists involved are CSUEB students of various majors including studio art majors, photography majors, graphic design majors,” said Carolina Gainey-Vejar, who is in charge of the show. “Many of the pieces of artwork that we will have on display are from senior art majors’ solo exhibitions and senior projects.”

Encompassing a wide variety of mediums, gallery pieces on display will include photography, digital illustrations, collage, painting, ceramic and even bronze sculptures.

Gainey-Vejar, a CSUEB alumna, has been working in the Art Gallery for three years and has worked in other departments on campus. She will be taking over Philip Ringler’s curator role officially when he leaves for China in June after 13 years on the job.


“I love helping others, and supporting students and their creative ambitions,” said Gainey-Vejar. She would like to bring more outside support and get more presence on campus by marketing at other events like freshman orientation. She also would like to create a recruiting program to get more interests in the art department’s programs.

Aside from Gainey-Vejar’s goals for the future of the art program, there is plenty to focus on for next week’s opening. This year, the juror for their exhibition, or outside curator was brought in from Contra Costa College. Dana Davis, who is also director of the Eddie Rhodes Gallery on their campus, is also a professional photographer.

“Mr. Davis had a very involved role in this exhibition, not only did he hand select every piece of work that will be exhibited, but he also curated the whole show,” said Gainey-Vejar.

Any CSUEB art student who has taken an art class in the past year had the opportunity to submit three art pieces for the consideration of Davis.


“I consider Philip [Ringler] a good friend and exceptional artist. When he asked me to curate the show, I was honored,” said Davis. “I tell my students that when starting out shooting a wedding will make them more money with more certainty than selling their artwork will. Commercial work is not art, but is a creative activity,” said Davis.

Of the pieces submitted, Tuesday’s opening reception will also serve as an awards ceremony of sorts, with local businesses and alumni donating prizes for the best pieces.

Refreshments for opening reception attendees will also be provided between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m.

The 2015 Annual Juried Student Exhibition will open on Tuesday, May 12 in the University Art Gallery on the first floor of the Arts and Education building and is free to the public.

Gallery hours for the following days are Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. until June 11.