Campus fire on Greek Hill contained


Photo | Chris Valentine

No property damage or injuries occurred from the hillside fire.

Tiffany Jones,
Campus & Managing Editor

Friday, July 4, just before midnight, a brush fire broke out on the California State University, East Bay campus, near Pioneer Heights, on the west side of Greek Hill.

Approximately one-fourth of an acre of brush caught on fire, but fortunately, according to Lieutenant Omar Miakhail of the University Police Department, there was no property damage, and no injuries that occurred from the fire.

“We don’t know who started the fire. There were people on the hill when the fire occurred, but there were no witnesses to who started the fire,” said Lieutenant Miakhail.

He also said that all signs point to the fire being started from fireworks, on dry brush.

Both UPD and the Hayward Fire Department responded to the call. “The response was fast,” he said.

There were cops patrolling the area throughout the night and proper maintenance was done on the hillside before the evening to help prevent a large and more damaging fire.

Miakhail said, ironically, a fire happened at almost the exact same place last year on July 4, but that in the last eight or nine years, only about three fires have occurred, all of which have been small brush fires.

“All we can do is continue to educate people, continue to keep the campus well maintenanced, and use caution,” said Miakhail.