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Subway Sandwich Replaces Boar’s Head

Students in line at the new campus eatery.

Subway Sandwich officially replaced Boar’s Head deli in the New Union as of September 21, adding to the list of chain eateries on campus replacing small bistros.

Subway’s grand opening had students lined out the door, heavily anticipating the opening of one of the fastest growing franchises in the world.

While Boar’s Head deli did offer high quality menu options for students and staff on campus, Boar’s Head deli will cease to exist on campus in order to meet student demand for a more cost efficient alternative, according to campus Administration.

Christopher Brown, deputy vice president of Enterprise Operations and Facilities Management, said students wanted this change, and the addition of Subway will be far more successful than the former.

“Subway is a cheaper brand, and a cheaper brand is what students want,” said Brown. “It’s just the reality. It’s a successful franchise that has been proven to work at a campus with young students because that’s the kind of food they would prefer.”

Brown believes that “consumers want what they’re used to,” and though Boar’s Head was a frequented venue on campus, small bistros are not as popular and successful anymore.

Thus, replacing it with a chain of Subways’ fame will increase sales and satisfy more students.

Referring to finances, Brown said the price of Subway and its wide variety of healthy choices will greatly benefit students who might be short for change or simply desire a better deal.

According to Brown, the past additions of Starbucks Coffee and Jamba Juice have shown that brands and chains work better on campuses, and reveal that students and campus staff just don’t care for “homemade” type items anymore because they want what they’re already familiar with.

“My guess is it’s going to be a popular choice,” said Brown. “I think if you ask most students, Subway would be lined up out the door [the first day]. It will bear on sales. We know what our average sales have been for Boar’s Head and we predict the sales for Subway will be more than Boar’s Head.”

In the accumulation of 1,400 surveys acquired throughout the last quarters, Brown said the majority of people either specifically requested for a Subway, or desired a cheaper deli.

In the end, price matters, and the goal Brown said is to “please the majority of people and the majority of people want this.”

“There are some people who will not be happy with it, but you try and hit the spot that hits most people the best,” he said. “I think for most students, price point is a much greater concern.”

Brown added that future plans for campus eateries would be to change all bistro venues into chains based on the success he anticipates Subway will create for the campus.

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California State University East Bay
Subway Sandwich Replaces Boar’s Head