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Exhibit Explores Campus History and Traditions

This tree is a memorial to students with disabilities activist Ted Pelatowski, who will be featured in the fall exhibit.

Beginning September 24, a new exhibit will be on display in the university library to commemorate the people whose names grace our buildings and pathways, all symbols and testaments of the rich history behind CSU East Bay.

“Hidden Gems of the CSUEB Campus” is the new exhibit, with 18 different panels highlighting the notable people who are the namesake for various parts of our campus and produced something of value for the campus community.

From Alexander Meiklejohn, Dr. Clarence E. Smith, Carlos Bee and people who made presentations at CSUEB like Charles Schultz, the exhibit will hopefully encourage students to take interest in the history of their school and garner inspiration from the many things these great people accomplished.

“We’re hoping to spur people’s interests into looking into the rich history that is all around us on this beautiful campus,” said university librarian Linda Dobb. “It’s important for people to see the traditions of their school and to know who these great people were.”

The inspiration for the exhibit, according to Dobb, came to her and exhibit designer Richard Apple who both felt it was important to present the people whose names students recite in between classes and meetings but never truly know who they are.

Just like any other school, CSUEB has a plentiful history that students should be proud of, Dobb said, and as such, an exhibit to connect new students to their school and reconnect alumni to their alma mater is a “wonderful thing.”

Dobb said she knows the library exhibits haven’t been highly frequented or recognized by students in the past, but with the recent success of the “Women of the Silver Screen” exhibit, she said the new exhibit for fall quarter might attract more students to learn something about their college.

“The idea is that they’ll take a minute or break in between their studies or reading to discover something about these interesting people,” Dobb said. “Hopefully, they’ll take time to look around their school and enjoy what’s going on along the way.”

There are several monuments and plaques around campus memorializing people who went to CSUEB and made their mark in larger society.

Many people are not aware of these places that contribute to the splendor of East Bay’s history and thus are hidden gems around campus for people to now discover and explore, Dobb said.

The exhibit can serve as a tool of inspiration for students to see people who were once in their position as students and are now people who made a significant impact in their communities and at CSUEB.

The hope, Dobb said, is for students to garner motivation for their future by following the successes of others like them, “because you never know, the next Robinson or Harder could be amongst us and in our midst.”

“I’m hoping, if nothing else, in an off minute, there’s something they’ll see that’s of interest,” said Dobb. “I want to find any way possible for students to become inspired to be their best, and if this exhibit can help someone in that way then we’ve made a difference.”

The exhibit will be the first of two exhibits on display by the university library this academic year, continuing a tradition of presenting stories that are different and compelling for the CSUEB campus community to enjoy.

This exhibit, Dobb said, is an exciting introduction for students to develop their own identity as CSUEB students and know where they come from and who they are.

“I simply hope they will enjoy their campus and where they come from, because in the end this is their school, and there is definitely something to be proud about coming from East Bay,” she said. “Hopefully now they can see why.”

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California State University East Bay
Exhibit Explores Campus History and Traditions