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“Glee 3D”: An Eye-Popping Musical Phenomenon

“Glee: The 3D Concert Movie” may not have made it onto the box office’s top ten this past weekend, but that doesn’t mean the concert documentary was a complete flop—it was a fun and happy film that was definitely worth attending.

The limited-release movie strings together moments on and off stage from the tour of the mega hit Fox series “Glee” during their two-night stop at East Rutherford, New Jersey.

The idea of filming some of the cast’s performances came about for the fans that were unable to attend any of the live shows.

Attempts to combine “Glee” with Real D 3D are understandable as it really transports audiences from their local movie theater to the sea of screaming audience members.

The cast of “Glee” proved themselves to be undying triple threats in every way—from Lea Michele’s vocally-embraced rendition of Barbara Streisand’s “Don’t Rain on My Parade,” to Darren Criss’s fan favorite cover of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream,” and Heather Morris’s energetic dance routine to her cover of Britney Spears’ “I’m a Slave 4 U,” to the all motivating cast performance of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way,” just to name a few songs performed.

While mini skits were also done between songs during the actual performances, they were unfortunately either shown very little or not at all in the actual film.

That was disappointing on account of never seeing the cast break out their acting skills onstage.

However, that is made up for by showing the performers in character offstage.  Essentially, the actors stay in character offstage, like when lady’s man Noah “Puck” Puckerman discusses the nature of his mohawk while doing pull-ups.

In between filming, the documentary also focuses on the die-hard fans, who ramble on about who their favorite characters are, why they like the show and how it has affected them.

Despite showing the effects of this cultural storm, it would have been wise to trim down on the fans’ camera time by at least five minutes. The movie would have been better without additional screaming and displaying of the “loser” sign when that had already been shown many times during the concert.

However, if the “Glee” movie was going to focus on fans, it could have gone more in depth on the three viewers the film featured whose lives had been changed for the better due to the show.

From a high school cheerleader who embraces her dwarfism to a guy who’s confident with his sexuality, their heart-felt stories are real life examples of how “Glee” has brought about a positive outlook on teen angst problems.

“Glee: The 3D Concert Movie” has flaws like every movie, but is worth seeing during the limited period it’s in theaters.

It’s definitely a must-see for Gleeks everywhere and is a fun experience for the non-fans.

The cast definitely knows how to own a stage and with their amazing covers of some of the best songs of our time.

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California State University East Bay
“Glee 3D”: An Eye-Popping Musical Phenomenon