A Look at Downtown Hayward’s Farmers Market


Paolo Acob, Photo Editor

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, local businesses still come together to provide produce and services to the citizens of Hayward and neighboring cities. Located on Watkins, nestled between C and B street, attendees can find fresh produce, pastries, delicious food, and even live music! For over 20 years, the market has pulled in a great amount of foot traffic, as residents often rely on the market for affordable prices of vegetables, fruits, and other groceries.

HAYWARD, Calif.—“It’s kind of interesting because I actually started it during the pandemic, and at first it was like oh just Instagram, and then … I kinda want to do more, I want to be in a Farmer’s Market,” Roselle Capili from Mac’d With Love explained when asked about starting a pastry during a pandemic on Jan. 29.

Fresh produce was available for attendees, like potatoes, squash, yams, lemons, and other seasonal vegetables.

“We are local right here in Hayward,” stated Joe Contreras from Joe’s Honey, “We have the bees here, but we have different places in Hayward Hills, Castro Valley, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Niles….” Joe then shared a photo album of his work through the years with bees.

Contreras from Joe’s Honey and his two nephews are ready to serve honey in squeezable bottles and glass jars to the public.

Starting a small business during the pandemic drew in “a lighter crowd here, [but there’s] more people now. But it was a slog, right, you got to stay committed to it, and I think once you start getting your strong base of recurring customers, you start doing it for them,” explained Tim Lohrentz and Rachel Russel, owners of Chestnut Street Granola.

“A West Oakland Family Business Gains Popularity for Their Homemade Granola” read the paper displayed at Lohrentz and Russel’s granola stand.

SF Scottish Fiddlersplaying music for the crowd, accepting audience requests for songs.

Every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., the Downtown Hayward Farmers Market will continue to enrich the Hayward community and its members. Watch live performances, purchase healthy produce, and try out some fantastic food!