ASI Presents: Musician Ivy Roots

Jhoselyn Morales, Video Editor

CSUEB’s Wednesday Nooners hosts Local Artist

Associated Students Incorporated (ASI) Presents invited students to see musical performer Ivy Roots at their weekly event: Wednesday Nooners on Sept. 1.

These events are to help connect students and allow them to engage within the California State University, East Bay community in the Old Union.

Roots, a singer/songwriter from Kansas City, Missouri, shared the inspiration behind her most recent project: Love Art Growth 2.

“I put love in there because everything I write comes from the heart and it comes from a place of loving myself and working through it and inspiring other people to love themselves,” Roots explained.

ASI Presents will continue to host Wednesday Nooners every week featuring comedians, singers, rappers, and speakers.
“I think just to give the students a way to relax or like have something fun to do in between classes,” Katlin Hermosillo said, ASI Leader.

ASI expects Wednesday Nooners will have the ability to connect the campus community after over a year of ‘Zoom’ university.
“This is actually a really cool show, definitely on Wednesdays when these happen we’ll be here” Vivanie Duong described, CSUEB student.

Many students expressed elation to be back on campus once again, feeling some semblance of normalcy.

“Ivy Roots is really cool! I’ve been enjoying her singing and she’s a really great artist and I’m glad I was here to see her” Katherine Phan mentioned, CSUEB student.

In collaboration with East Bay Live, The Pioneer presents a short interview video giving us some insight on Ivy Roots.