Letter from the Editor

Monet Troche, Editor In Chief

Hello and welcome to The Pioneer.

My name is Monet Troche, and I have recently been promoted to Editor-in-Chief. I look forward to this opportunity and hope to make this coming year a memorable one.
In the fall of 2018, I arrived at California State University, East Bay and I was very excited to see what the future held for me. I was still unsure of what I wanted to study but came to the realization that photography, journalism, and video production were where I thrived. I have learned a lot in my time as Editor-in-Chief and plan to continue to grow my knowledge of journalism and leadership during my fourth and final year of college.
When I’m not focusing on school or The Pioneer, you can usually find me spending time with family and friends, traveling, playing with my dog, Sayu, working at a local Italian restaurant, sewing, taking photos, reading, watching my favorite shows and baking desserts. One of my favorite recipes to make is the Italian dessert Tiramisu. It’s delicious.
This past year has been unlike anything we have ever experienced in our lifetime. CSUEB and the rest of the world were forced to operate through online and Zoom modalities. Although procedures looked a little different this past year, The Pioneer took the opportunity to grow its online presence and produce content via our YouTube channel and social media channels. We will continue to follow the school’s guidelines on returning to in-person operations.
I’m grateful for the opportunity to lead this department and to work with the fantastic team of journalists each and every day to create content and stories for readers each week. With The Pioneer and many classes repopulating this fall semester, I’m excited to see what the future holds.
This semester we will continue to publish online only and I encourage you to visit our website to view new articles every Wednesday.
For those interested in pitching stories for future issues or if you have any questions, I welcome everyone interested to visit our newsroom, The Pioneer office (MI 1076), at CSUEB’s Hayward campus.