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Prado to Fix Parking Issues and Raise Scholarship Funds

Chris Prado has been elected the new president of ASI.

Newly elected ASI President Chris Prado plans to use his position to unite CSU East Bay students for the following school year, saying he believes great changes are needed to revitalize the campus community.

“I’m excited to take on this job,” said Prado. “I plan to show that I am a leader students can count on and as someone who they feel truly represent them and their needs.”

The Stockton native says that the culmination of all his experiences in CSUEB student government as well as his childhood and upbringing have been preparing him for this important duty, saying he genuinely wants to make a difference.

“Even if you grow up somewhere like Stockton, a depressed area economically and in morale, you can use that struggle to build your character and determination,” he said. “I want to be reflective of students like myself and the school in general to bring my desire for success to campus.”

Once Prado becomes fully integrated as ASI President in July, he and his board,  plan to begin planning for the upcoming school year as soon as possible so students can begin to see results in the Fall quarter, he says.

Some agenda items Prado plans to implement are resolving current parking issues regarding tickets and high permit fees, allocating more money for book vouchers for students in financial need, increase scholarship fund and availability, and expanding upon ASI Presents to vitalize the social aspect of CSUEB’s experience.

“We want to hear from the school and hear from them personally what they want,” he said. “We’re here for them, and my job is to make sure they get what they deserve.”

Prado believes campus unity can be achieved through easier accessibility to ASI and its members, by producing town hall meetings that will create better communication with existing clubs, organizations, and students who are concerned with current campus issues, saying this will further vitalize the campus and its members.

By hearing from students personally, he can work with his board and Executive Vice President Chris Caldwell to put desire into action, through effective contact with school administration to really employ changes for students, he says.

“The main goal is to keep students engaged,” said Prado firmly. “I want to maximize student involvement that will in turn create responsible leaders on campus and statewide as well.”

In terms of ASI budget and funds, Prado says one of their main concerns are the increasing college fees and how it is becoming challenging for students to pay for them.

Working closely with his staff and campus organizations they plan to find alternatives to expensive tuition hikes with programs and grants for students based on financial and merit based needs, he says.

Prado says he and his board plan to analyze the budget clearly so as to allocate as much money possible for events and programs that can profit CSUEB students.

Through ASI Presents, Prado says, students can feel more engaged as members of their campus community and feel that they belong to a campus that reflects the exciting and vibrant communities around us.

As a Political Science major, Prado says he is still uncertain as to where his future will lead him, but says he wants nothing more than to work on behalf of people in need.

Hoping to energize communities with positive impacts to their infrastructures, Prado says he knows the best things worth achieving require the strongest resiliency, yet says he knows he is up to the task.

“We want to be remembered as a board that thought and acted on behalf of the schools best interests,” said Prado. “I really want to help, and I plan to translate that desire with the best work I am capable of.”

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California State University East Bay
Prado to Fix Parking Issues and Raise Scholarship Funds