Commencement Postponed


Photo by Md saad andalib__Flickr

By Natalie Garcia, COPY EDITOR
As of Mar.18, KRON4 News declared via Twitter all CSU campuses have postponed their graduation ceremonies for a later time this year.
The end of the spring semester is usually a time of rejoicing that kicks off summer vacation. For graduates, it is a time of celebration in honor of their dedication and hard work during their time at the University. This year has taken a complete 180 and due to the International outbreak of COVID-19 has resulted in graduation ceremonies being postponed.
This has left many students and their families outraged, sad, and in a state of confusion because the students had to find out through Twitter regarding the important announcement rather than the CSU East Bay sending out an email to the student body.
Ceremonies that were scheduled beginning the week of May 14-18 have been delayed until further notice in accordance with state health regulations to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.
Thousands of eligible students should have been participating in this event, but with such a large number of students to recognize it also brings many others to the campus, which with the health status of the world currently, is not ideal for healing.
Jocelyn Marquez, 24, a graduating Sociology student states, “I had a feeling that this whole virus was going to blow up into something more serious. I just didn’t think my senior year of college and all my hard work would be stripped from me as a result of it.”
The university has yet to send a mass email regarding the plans of commencement ceremonies, which has led students to be unclear and unable to plan ahead.
Ryan Mannetti, 22, a senior graduating in business marketing expressed that he felt as if the university didn’t care enough to inform the student body about these plans.
“It doesn’t seem like it’s important enough to them or it was set as a priority, we’re kind of just left in the dark to wonder if or when we will get the chance to be recognized and walk that stage,” Manetti states.
COVID-19 has shut down thousands of events worldwide and we all are still unclear when things will return to normal. Until further notice quarantine will be a new way of life for many within these next months. Regardless of the outcome of the quarantine, the 2020 graduation term will be remembered for its uncertainty.