East Bay due for change

By Madeline Ramirez, CONTRIBUTOR

Bringing awareness to safer routes in the Library in case of earthquakes
If California State University, East Bay were to be hit by an earthquake of 6.0 magnitude, the ground shaking would be the least of our problems. First responders would arrive at CSUEB only to see the library collapsing, with the campus police department trapped under the rubble.
Many people are unaware of the unsafe locations that take residency on the CSUEB campus, including the library, where many people can find themselves studying and taking breaks between classes.
California has suffered through many earthquakes this summer, and it is important for people to know the different escape routes throughout the library in case a catastrophe were to happen. Some of the emergency exits are located in the busiest areas. One of them being in the library quad that is located right across from Starbucks.
Not many people are aware that when the library was built, it was not made to remain standing in case of an earthquake.
The CSUEB library is one of the oldest buildings on campus that remains since the campus was established in 1957. As it was announced in 2017, the Hayward campus will be granted with the campus with the CORE building which includes the combination of the present-day library and the Bookstore Building, along with classrooms and study rooms.
“I am actually excited to witness the CORE Building being built. As it comes along, I know that I will be excited and for sure feel safer to the new addition to the campus,” Freshman Kelsi Rice said in an interview.
Not only will the CORE building be a new addition to CSUEB, but it will provide a level of safety that the library does not have. The CORE building is currently being built with a more grounded foundation.
“It is insane to think about how many students spend time in the library. I didn’t even know that the library would not be able to handle an earthquake of 6.0+ magnitude,” third-year student Jocelyn Baldon states.