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Seven Deadly Sins, Taboos And Other Bodily Delights

CSUEB Theatre and Dance decides to tackle the concept of sin, the human condition, virtue and vice.

Both “Seven Deadly Sins” and “Sins, Taboos & Other Bodily Delights” premiered last weekend.

In a theatrical performance that meshes both theatre and dance so cleverly together, Cal State East Bay introduced “Seven Deadly Sins” and “Sins, Taboos & Other Bodily Delights” last weekend.

In a show that displays why CSUEB has excelled in theatre and performing arts, the creativity of both students and faculty are revealed in the unveiling of this dramatization.

Over the weekend, the university theatre opened its doors to allow spectators to enjoy an immense event, as this is the first year that Seven Deadly sins has appeared on campus.

“This show was a terrific collaboration with many of the creative minds in performing arts on our campus: choral and orchestral music, scenic, lighting and costume design, and of course choreography and the dancers,” said Nina Haft, professor in the theatre and dance department and director of the show.

“We decided to take on a complex subject (sins) as a way to look at the human condition. What keeps us going and what holds us back? What is the line between virtue and vice? The student dancers all had great input into the movement that my colleague Eric Kupers and I directed. They really embraced this exploration, and participated actively in this creative research.”

The theatrical show is filled with a diverse cast of dancers and actors ranging from freshmen to graduate students and even alumni: some with little experience and others with a lifetime of experience in theatre in dance.

The show took a full school year of preparation as the cast has been preparing for the show since the fall quarter.

The show opens up with “Sins, Taboos & Other Bodily Delights.”

This part of the show is where the talent of CSUEB’s dance program is manifested on the stage and the art of the bodily movements is revealed. It is divided into three pieces and is followed by a fifteen-minute intermission.

Sophomore dancer and member of the school’s Eclectic Pulse team, Estrella Ramirez, who is a double major in theatre arts with a dance option, expresses her excitement about her participation in the show.

“Being a part of this production is a lot of fun,” said Ramirez.

“I get to work with an eclectic group of dancers and we all have different styles but work so perfectly together.”

After the intermission, the satirical ballet “The Seven Deadly Sins” began with a live orchestra that played throughout the theatrical dramatization. The ballet incorporates a hint of dance but an abundance of suspense. It is divided into seven scenes with a prologue and an epilogue.

“There are many messages to be found in this show, sometimes conflicting and overlapping ones,” explains Haft.

“Overall, the dancers were tremendously dedicated. I am so proud of their professionalism.”

Haft ensures that the theatre and dance department welcomes all styles, levels and abilities in their program and they would love to work with anyone who has a passion for dance or shows.

The production will be on display once more from May 13 – 15 for another chance to view the talents of the dancers, actors and choreographers that so eloquently put together an honorable production.

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Seven Deadly Sins, Taboos And Other Bodily Delights