Rapper YG censored at Spring Mayhem

Louis LaVenture,

A spring tradition at Cal State East Bay made its return on Saturday as students and guests flooded the amphitheater for Spring Mayhem, formerly referred to as Spring Fest.

The event featured student acts, a band performance and was headlined by Bay Area rapper P-Lo and Compton rapper YG.

During YG’s set, he announced to the crowd that because of contractual obligations he was not allowed to perform three of his songs that included “Suu Whoop,” “Meet the Flockas” and “F–k Donald Trump.” YG then asked the crowd which one he should perform and many of the attendees shouted “F–k Donald Trump.”

“I’m about to jeopardize my check,” YG said during his performance. “I do it for the people, I don’t give a f–k about none of that other shit.”

The song “F–k Donald Trump” came on and the beat played for a few seconds before the music was turned down and his microphone was cut off. At the time of publication, it was still unclear who made the decision to stop the song and cut off YG’s microphone.

YG danced with a member of his team for less than a minute before exiting the stage. The crowd booed and chanted for him to return to the stage, which he eventually did but did not perform any more songs. The DJ played Rich the Kid’s “Plug Walk” remix that features YG, which ended the event.