Hamilton’s final curtain call in the Bay Area

Maximino Cisneros,

On August 5, the Bay Area said farewell to their production of Hamilton, a Broadway play about the life of US founding father Alexander Hamilton, which enjoyed a five month Orpheum Theater in San Francisco.

On July 22, I decided to attend a showing of the musical. A ticket cost $200, which for a theatre neophyte like myself seemed expensive. However, the majority of tickets ranged from $400 to $1,000.

My friends and family were not supportive or understanding when I disclosed how much I spent on a ticket. As a result, in the days leading up to the show, I feared I was wasting time and a massive amount of money.

Upon arrival, the long lines with fans did not ease my fears or build my excitement. It only left me in a constant influx of enthusiasm and doubt.

However, as soon as the opening act commenced, I was thoroughly convinced I had made the right decision. As soon as the musical opened with the song “Alexander Hamilton,” I have never found myself so interested in a historical figure in my life because of its inspiration from today’s hip hop and rap music genres.

I then soon realized that I was not only interested in Alexander Hamilton, but I was enjoying most of if not all of the songs being performed because I found them relatable to the music I listen to. As the Hamilton musical came to a close, the entire crowd cheered as it burst into applause.

Hamilton caused me to find a new found appreciation for theater and the arts as a person who has never attended any sort of play or musical whatsoever. It caused me to wonder if individuals around my age had a similar or different experience than I did. I was also wondering if they grew to appreciate it as much as I did.