Eighteen weeks is way too slow

Cal State East Bay is one of the few California State University schools that runs on a quarter system rather than a semester system, but unfortunately that is going to change in 2018.

All but two University of California schools currently run on a quarter system and even though a majority of the CSU’s run on a semester system, I think it is good that not all of them do. I think CSUEB should stick with the quarter system. A quarter system gives students the opportunity to finish college quicker.

I recognize that quarters can be difficult for many students, as getting through classes in a quicker span challenges them to finish assignments in a timely, fast-paced manner. Students want to learn material in their courses without feeling rushed and not having enough time to finish assignments.

According to CSUEB President Leroy Morishita, a semester system allows students to receive more in-depth projects and richer learning experiences. They also provide better alignment with other colleges and universities, and will enable students to “transfer course credits more easily and apply them towards degree completion.”

CSUEB, Bakersfield, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Pomona, San Bernardino and Los Angeles currently run on a quarter system, but CSUEB and CSULA are both converting to semesters, CSULA as early as 2016.

The other 17 CSU schools run on a semester system. According to a quarter to semester transition report published in 2012 by Professor Emeritus of Eastern Washington University, the number of universities that run on a quarter system have declined from around 25 percent in the 1980s to around 10 percent.

It is good to have those few schools that are not synchronous with others: that is what makes them unique. CSUEB is unique because it runs on a quarter system. There is something about the universities we attend that we look back on and say that my alma mater is known for being.

For me, CSUEB is a one-of-a-kind CSU because of the quarter system and how it has the fewest amount of programs that are impacted.

 When a program is impacted, it means that it is tougher to gain admission into it and it could take longer for you to graduate because of budget cuts.

Many of us deal with professors that are atrocious: 10 weeks with a bad teacher is better than 15. Many of us have had professors that don’t posses an approach that is welcoming for students to achieve academic success. They would rather focus more solely on their paychecks than helping us thrive and prosper as we prepare for our futures.

I went to Diablo Valley College for three years prior to attending CSUEB and I can tell you that the quarter system here enables me to graduate faster than if I went to another CSU such as San Jose State or San Francisco State.

I am able to take 12 units in a quarter four times during the year as opposed to taking those units during the semester twice a year. Forty-eight units in a year versus 24 win the battle. Not all of us want to be in school for a long period of time. I sure don’t because of my desire to start my career and a quarter system gives students the opportunity to graduate and obtain their degree quicker.

Many of us have siblings that have been through college or are on the verge of attending college. I have a younger brother and older sister and there was a point in our lives where all of us were attending college at the same time.

This was a big financial predicament for my parents and other families that have gone through similar situations. We also have jobs outside of school. Since I only have go to school twice a week while still being a full-time student, this enables me to work full-time as well.

If we receive our degrees faster, we can find a career and sustain incomes that enable us to pay off student loans that can remain in our lives for a long period of time.

It is disappointing that CSUEB is conforming to other CSUs and I hope that students who will become part of the semester conversion while still being part of a quarter system do not struggle to adapt to it.