Letter From the Editor


Sarah Rodriguez, Editor-In-Chief

Dear Reader, 

While I’ll confess that I am trying my absolute hardest to avoid all the typical cliches that occur in a traditional Letter From the Editor — I am only human, so bear with me.  

Reflecting on my start freshman year, as a timid intern struggling to embrace life during lockdown; to now, my senior year as a (much less timid) Editor-in-Chief—, I’m in shock. For two reasons; In part, due to the fact that years ago— by some miracle—a former editor found value in the seemingly meaningless words and opinions that I had to offer and took a chance on me. Second, in part because, well—this is now my reality. 

For whatever reason, I am here. Not only am I honored that I get to sit here and write this cheesy little letter, but I am honored to have been granted the ultimate opportunity—a platform to amplify the unspoken and silenced truths that exist within the world around us. 

As the front-page story exhibits, the truth does not always prove to have a favorable or even flattering outcome. It was once stated that: “It is our professional duty as journalists to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.” We do so by unveiling the truth — even when it’s controversial. 

As journalists, all we can do is scrape away at the superficial layers of power, inequality, discrimination, and greed that inevitably conceal what is true. It is our duty to do so it just so happens that the truth isn’t always pretty. 

Oftentimes, in the wise words of Lizzo, the “truth hurts” (Sorry I had to).

On that note, I leave you with this: It is with great privilege that, despite the past few exhausting, yet beautifully chaotic, pandemic-ridden years, I am here to serve you — our campus community. More importantly, I am not alone. Entrusted with a team of gifted, and incredibly passionate like-minded student journalists — as I stated — our goal is simple: to amplify the unspoken and silenced truths that exist within the world around us. 

Thank you. 

With Love, 

Sarah Rodriguez, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF