Metro Eats $10 Meals

Kerry Chan
Metro Editor

Le Paradis Vietnamese Restaurant and French Bakery located on the corner of D Street and Mission is easy to miss, but if you know Vietnamese food, the red sign that spells out “PHO,” is sure to catch your eye.

The family owned eatery has been satisfying taste buds for more than a decade.  Alice Nguyen, the owner, was a Vietnamese native who lived in France where she learned to make French pastries before immigrating to America in 1986.

Inside the restaurant the décor is unpretentious and the open space is bright.  Hanging from the wall are pictures of popular menu items with the price and a number to reference when ordering.

Baked goods, cookies, croissants, muffins and assorted meringues are lined up in glass counter displays.

In the front of the restaurant there is a couch with a coffee table that provides a homelike, cozy ambiance.   People waiting for their take-out grab a seat to check their cell phones, read the paper or chat with the wait staff.

Here the prices are reasonable and the food is authentic.  There is something for everyone including rice plates, salads, noodles, vegetarian dishes and regular deli sandwiches served on fresh baked croissants or choice of bread.

“The food here is great, it’s fresh, flavorful and with all the right herbs, flavors and ingredients,” said Veronique Sepulchre, French teacher and regular patron who enjoys speaking with Alice in her native tongue.

Here are some of the most popular dishes and a brief description.

Pho ($6.50) is a fragrant beef broth, served with translucent rice noodles topped with ultra thin slices of beef.  It comes with a plate of fresh cilantro, lemon, sliced jalapenos, bean sprouts and basil added to the soup.

Le Paradis Fish and Rice Plate ($8.50) is a lightly breaded fish of the day, delicately seasoned and pan-fried paired with brightly colored steamed vegetables and rice.
Shrimp Roll ($4.25) is a great appetizer or light meal.  Fresh lettuce, bean sprouts, mint leaves and slightly chilled shrimp wrapped in a rice paper roll and served with a peanut dipping sauce.
BBQ Pork, Egg Roll and Shrimp Vermicelli ($8.50) is BBQ pork, crispy fried egg rolls and BBQ shrimp served over a bed of cold rice noodles, fresh green salad and topped with finely chopped peanuts, sweetly pickled carrots and radish. Pour in the house made dressing and you have a satisfying, Vietnamese version of a Cobb salad.