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True, Raw Music

By Ashley Matuszak

Staff Writer

Popular culture has defined for us what we may consider to be “good” music.  What the music industry fails to acknowledge is that music is an art form and should know no boundaries.

Shores of Acheron, an East Bay hardcore band, has risen in popularity in the local music scene for the last two years. Their style of music hardly fits in with what you might hear on the radio today.

Don’t expect to hear about a 15-year-old love triangle from this band.

Shores of Acheron’s fast-paced drum fills, heavy guitar solos and screamed vocals will get your attention whether you like it or not.

With song titles like, “Jaws Ate Heath Ledger,” Shores’ music is meant to push buttons.

While lead vocalist Anthony Amador, a junior at Cal State East Bay, acknowledges his band’s music may not be for everyone, he is upfront about his opinions on those who choose to label Shores of Acheron’s music as “just noise.”

“To close your mind to any genre of music or art is to close yourself off from truly understand our meaning in life. Self expression through music is the truest form of communication and personal expression. Don’t cover your ears when the world is speaking to you.”

Their name was inspired by the third part of Divine Comedy, an epic poem written by Dante Alighieri in the early 1300s. In it, Dante must travel through the nine layers of Hell, lead by Virgil. Dante and Virgil cross the river Acheron before entering hell, where newly deceased souls are taken to King Minos to be judged.

Shores of Acheron was formed in 2008 from different local disbanded band members.

“We had all played together in one [way or another] prior to Shores, and finally decided that our styles and talents fit together well,” said Amador.

Amador and his bandmates are inspired by many other bands, all of different genres.

“Our overall sound is derived from death-core and heavier genres; however, [we all] use our unique tastes in music to write,” said Amador.

The music itself can go in different directions, but Amador’s unique screaming style of vocals is what remains consistent. Amador also writes all of the lyrics for the band.

Amador and his band mates take their work seriously, practicing three times a week while also practicing their own individual parts on their own time.

Depending on the time of year, Shores of Acheron plays anywhere from two to eight shows monthly.

Being in a band means much more to Amador than making music. The relationship he and his band mates share is also very important to Amador.

“It brings a sense of family which I never have experienced before. Also, the release which comes along with expressing an art, which is solely from the heart, has no equal. When I get on stage and our live show begins, I can’t describe how pure and euphoric the experience is. The endorphin and adrenaline rush is unmatched.”

You can listen to Amador and his band, Shores of Acheron, on

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True, Raw Music