Meiklejohn gets summer upgrade



By Madeline Ramirez, CONTRIBUTOR

Working in the summer heat is never an ideal, but it is what numerous construction workers in Meiklejohn Hall at California State University, East Bay are doing. Currently, they are working on improving the aging hall’s elevators.
Throughout the week, there are a few men from a hired company constantly working at the bottom floor of Meiklejohn Hall with their many tools, eager to complete the task. The men work for Schindler Elevator, as they were hired through the bid process.
“I am here to update the technology and modernize the elevators as handicapped people will be needing these to work better,” Fred, one of the hired contractors said.
Typically, you can find almost triple the number of students through the Fall and Spring semesters, but there are significantly fewer students during the summer, which could make the construction process easier.
“It is better to work in the summer despite the weather because of how efficiently I can work with my crew since there are not as many students,” Fred said.
As soon as you walk into the first level of the building, the elevator is blocked off to let people know that there is work to be done to improve the elevators.
“I have a timeline for myself and I hope to get this done within the next two weeks with my crew,” Fred noted.
There are also elevators being remodeled in the Art and Education and the Science buildings. Despite their consistent labor, there is much work to be done that will help students move more efficiently throughout the upcoming Fall Semester.
“As a part of the project, we’re renovating elevators in Meiklejohn, Art and Education, and both Science buildings,” Daniel No, the Director of Planning Design and Construction, said. Throughout the Fall and Spring Semesters, it is unlikely to see that there is no type of remodeling or new grounds being built.
When renovations like such bring students attention, questions easily arise as to where the money comes from. With each renovation that is a part of the CSU East Bay, “It is State funded which is a part of the State deferred maintenance fund,” No emphasized.