Meiklejohn Hall building still recovering after flood

Kali Persall,
Managing Editor

The basement of Meiklejohn Hall is open and fully functional again, following a sewage backup that flooded the first floor last Monday and Tuesday.

Classes resumed and the elevator was reopened last Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. after the building was drained of water and the affected area sanitized, confirmed East Bay’s Interim Associate Vice President of University Communications and Public Information Officer Jesse Cantley.

Several portable dehumidifiers continue to drain water into large black containers that are being stacked outside of the building.

Cantley confirmed that there were 600 gallons of water in the elevator pit alone, which prompted its closure. Facilities Management was unable to confirm exactly how much water was removed from the floor at the time of publication.

According to Cantley, the Facilities Management department believes the flooding was caused by “inappropriately flushed items.”

Donna Placzek-Savage, Director of Environmental Health & Safety at East Bay said she will head an investigation into the incident.

There were no updates to confirm at the time of publication.