New Season, New Talent

CSUEB Recruits Male Soccer Talent

Subbayal Javed, Staff Writer

CSUEB Recruits Male Soccer Talent

After an unfortunate season with three wins and 13 losses, California State University, East Bay has recruited nine new prospects for the men’s soccer team. 

Among the nine selected to recalibrate CSUEB back on a winning streak, Mario Valdez shows a ton of promise. Originally from Livermore, Calif., the incoming freshman will be playing at the midfield position. Before committing to CSUEB, Valdez previously played for the Pleasanton Ballistic United on their Under-19 team, and as an amateur in Spain. In his highlight reel, Valdez demonstrates agility, his incredible right foot maneuvering, and impressive ability to switch between playing offensive and defensive positions: a skill set that might be precisely what CSUEB needs to pull ahead in the next season.

Valdez began playing soccer at the age of six when his father introduced him to the sport. “I have played [soccer] my entire life,”  Valdez recalled, affirming his enduring commitment and adoration for the sport. 

When asked about his inspiration, Valdez cited Lionel Messi as his role model: “He’s worked his way to the top, that’s something I plan to do,” the young hopeful said. 

Alongside Valdez, Shea Ansell is another freshman recruit joining CSUEB’s upcoming team roster, hailing from Bellevue, Wash. A future Business Administration major, Ansell will play as a midfielder starting Fall 2022. 

Like Valdez, Ansell has also played in Spain as an amateur through the Seattle, Wash.-based Eagle Claw Football Club. Throughout his career with the Eagle Claw FC, Ansell developed a flexible playstyle, prioritizing positional versatility on the field; a well-rounded player that may prove to be the key asset CSUEB’s men’s soccer team has been searching for to mount a few victories this Fall season.  

For his training regiment, Ansell sticks to the basics and uses walls to sharpen his ball control: “I love using a wall [for training], it works on your touch and your pass”, Ansell mentioned. 

After the shortcomings of the previous season, Mario Valdez, Shea Ansell, and the remaining seven recruits represent the latest attempt to rekindle the team’s former glory. CSUEB’s Athletic Department, the men’s soccer team, and the campus community wait in suspense as the release dates for the upcoming season draw near.