Niles, a neighborhood in Fremont, California, full of life

Janice Cuomo working on label making for her antique store ‘Memory Lane’ in Niles, Fremont, CA, on March 4.

Grecia Villafuerte, Contributor

I decided to focus on the neighborhood of Niles in Fremont, California. This neighborhood has always been an emblematic staple of the San Francisco Bay Area and often very underrated or unheard of by non-locals and locals alike. Niles Main Street has a variety of antique shops, family-owned restaurants, and even their own silent film theater. During the pandemic, Niles has been a comfort source for all its visitors as they connect with business owners and their products. It’s important to note that a lot of the business owners are women, which makes this town even more special as it empowers the importance of women in power. Niles has survived the pandemic with a smile even through the hardship, and all locals hope that more people discover their hidden jewel.