NBA and NFL unsportsmanlike conduct enforcement

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When it comes to professional sports many players routinely break the rules. The two sports, in particular are the NFL and the NBA. The NFL and the NBA commissioners need to enforce the unsportsmanlike conduct rule. Fans do not want to see players fight. They want to enjoy the game and watch their favorite players play the game they are paid to play.

When it comes to the NFL, players tend to trash talk other players on the field, which causes, ejection, fights, fines, and suspensions. On Nov. 26, 2017 the Oakland Raiders played against the Denver Broncos. Wide receiver Michael Crabtree and defensive back Aqib Talib got into a huge brawl. During the first quarter, they were jawing at each other.

Later in the quarter they started throwing punches at each other. They kept going at it and they didn’t stop until the referees ejected them from the game. Both players should be fined and at least suspended for two games. Because they are not allowed to throw punches and cause a brawl. Another example of a similar incident happened two years ago.

In 2015, New York Giants, wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. fought Josh Norman who is currently on the Washington Redskins. During that incident both of them were only fined. They should have been suspended and ejected. Throughout the entire game they were jawing at each other pushing, throwing punches, and getting into each other faces. Similar incidents happened in the NBA. The former NBA Commissioner David Stern and current Commissioner Adam Silver do not enforce the rules, but they only did in this incident.

On Nov. 14, 2004, a massive fight happened when the Indiana Pacers played against the Detroit Pistons. Small forward Ron Artest, otherwise known as Metta Worldpeace, gave a hard foul to Ben Wallace and Wallace gave him a big shove. Later fans started throwing things at the Pacers players and some of them went into the stands and started punching the fans in the face. Security guards and fans had to pull the players away and the game was canceled.

Later, Ron Artest ran onto the court and punched another a Detroit Piston fan. Security guard and coaches had to take the players to the locker room. Players who were involved in the massive brawl did not want to leave the court. On the way to the locker room fans were still throwing things at the players.

After this incident, massive suspensions and fines were given out. Ron Artest, Stephen Jackson and a few other players were ejected, suspended and fined. Ron Artest was the one who took the biggest hit and got suspended for the rest of the season. Other players got suspended for twenty games.

NBA athletes are charged with unsportsmanlike conduct. However, it depends on the situation whether the rules will be enforced. Two years ago, when the Sacramento Kings played the Boston Celtics center, Demarcus Cousin threw shooting guard Marcus Smart onto the ground.

Then a brawl broke out as players were pushing and shoving each other. Two players were ejected, while they should have been suspended for one game because they kept going at it and didn’t want to leave the court.

Another example was last year during the playoffs, when Boston played the Washington Wizards and Kelly Olynyk gave a hard foul to Kelly Oubre. Afterwards, Oubre gave a blindside hard shove to Olynyk and tried to start fight. Both of them were ejected and Oubre got suspended for one game and fined. He should have been suspended for more games because he gave a dirty shove and wanted to throw some punches.

NFL and NBA commissioners need to enforce the rules about fighting. There are rules in the NBA that define the code of conduct. One rule is that when a punch is thrown and a brawl is started it is an automatic ejection and a fine. Another rule in the NBA is fifteen or more technical fouls land you an automatic suspension for one game. You are also not allowed to make contact with official or else you are ejected and suspended. The worse foul you can get is a flagrant 2. A flagrant 2 happens when a player gives another player a dirty play and you will get ejected and a one game suspension. There are similar rules in the NFL but there only is one rule that the commissioner needs to enforce.

In the NFL, there is a rule called targeting that players are allowed to do. It happens when a player hits another player with their helmet instead of tackling. The player is automatically ejected and the player has to sit out the first half of the next game. This rule needs to be watched carefully because referees always miss these calls and they are dirty plays.  For example, on Nov. 20 the Seattle Seahawks played against the Atlanta Falcons. During the third quarter, quarterback Russell Wilson got hit by another player helmet and the referees didn’t call it.

The targeting rule should be enforced. Instead of being suspended for the first half of the game, the player should be suspended for an entire game. Players need to learn their lesson about hitting players with their helmet, which cause injuries to other players. Another rule in the NFL you are not supposed to perform, is to hold or push off another player during a play. Sometimes the referees miss these calls.

Finally, fans do not want to see players fight and dirty plays. They want to be able to see players played the game and root for their favorite teams. It is not fun to enjoy seeing a brawl. Fans come to watch a game and yell for their favorite players. The commissioners in both sports need to enforce these rules, so fans can enjoy the game.