Bay Area residents relieve stress through dodge ball


Photo | Eric Williams

Recreational Adult Dodgeball gives adults the opportunity to relive their childhood.

Tejasvi Baluvuri,

Dodge ball is a sport attracting the attention of the Bay Area this summer, and the Recreational Adult Dodgeball League, situated in Oakland at Claremont Middle School, is one of the most sought after leagues around.

Adam Howe, Pete Kremer, and Hunter Huston formed the league last year on June 6, 2013. The trio came together since there was no other place to go after the dodge ball league they played in closed its doors.

“This league has been successful because of the people that have come out to play with a sportsmanship attitude,” said Huston. The social aspect of the league is something that Huston admires and expresses that the owners owe their thanks to the players who come out each week.

The RAD League was set up with the intention to allow people to relieve their stress and to bring the community together. The sport gives athletes the opportunity to vent anger or frustration in the gym without causing any injuries to other people.

The league was created with the goal of allowing individuals to explore an active hobby while maintaining a social aspect with a diverse group of individuals, and make long lasting connections.
“The league has brought the outgoing, fun, and, loving people of different communities together,” said Huston.

This past Monday night high-spirited teammates came together to play in their weekly matches. There are two formats that are played in the league, RAD robin league and flagship league. There are around 60 players in the gym on Mondays.

The RAD robin league has eight people on the roster and six players on the court for each team, whereas in the flagship league 15 people are on the roster and 12 people play on the court for each team.

Kevin Hill, a player in the league, said he loves playing both days because they are different from each other and provide a physical workout. Monday nights are sold out, as this format is far quicker and shorter than a regulation game.

The league is popular amongst a wide variety of age groups, with players ranging from 19-50 years old. There are no restrictions on who is allowed to partake in the league, whether they are amateurs or professionals, as long as they walk in the gym with a positive attitude and are willing to have fun and build new relationships.

The league says they have 100 players on average playing at their gym on Monday and Thursday nights.

The league holds strong values about the importance of safety, casting aside any concerns of serious injury in a game. The safety of the players is an important part of the league, and prominent steps have been taken by the organization to keep the players safe.

“The balls that are used in the league are ‘no sting’ balls, these balls have been customized so that the players don’t incur injuries,” said Huston. The rules clearly stipulate that any player who hits the other player above the neck will be directly disqualified.

Individuals that are seeking a social dodge ball experience can register and see a full schedule of listed RAD events on their website. Claremont Middle School is easy to access, as it sits right across from the Rockridge BART station in Oakland.

The dodge ball season is finishing up this week, and will resume next May. Flagship playoffs will begin on Thursday night at 7 p.m.