Election Year Set Aside and Forgotten During Pandemic

By Natalie Garcia , Copy Editor
As the global crisis of Coronavirus remains and statewide lockdowns continue the Presidential Election of 2020 has been put aside in the media and presidential campaigns haven’t been able to fully reach their peaks.
During the International outbreak, Biden’s campaign has emphasized the lack of preparation and response from President Trump in his address to the nation over the Coronavirus. With all the faulty claims of how unclear and unprepared President Trump was he still leads the race with 1,432 overall delegate votes and opposing nominee Joe Biden at 1,305 overall delegate votes.
According to The New York Times, “New York officials canceled the state’s Democratic presidential primary on Monday, prompting an immediate backlash from the campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders and his legion of progressive supporters who had hoped to amass convention delegates and help shape the party’s platform in August.”
With wishes to move forward with the primary and hopes that the Presidential election will not be postponed, democratic candidate Joe Biden was endorsed by Nancy Pelosi on Monday, Apr 27.
This endorsement has accused Pelosi of being a hypocrite considering that Biden is currently being accused of sexual assault, in which Pelosi bashed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh for similar allegations.
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy comments, “She is being a hypocrite. You cannot say that Joe Biden — if you are just taking it on its nature — has she talked to Tara Reade, has she ever looked into it? Joe Biden has not responded to this,” according to an article from The Hill Press.
Although the 2020 Presidential elections have been put on the backburner within the media due to the COVID-19 outbreak, America still has an obligation to fulfill this year’s election. With or without endorsements the show must go on.