Jackpot! Bernie Sanders wins over the Las Vegas 2020 Caucus



By Vanessa Martinez, PHOTO EDITOR
The sound of loud music and cheerful Bernie supporters led the path to the inside of the ReBar in Las Vegas. People came together to prematurely celebrate the results that determined who would win the 2020 Democratic Caucus.
The smell of beer filled the room and breaths of supporters who were sitting down and chatting away, while others ran under the roof soon after the rain hit the ground. The demographics of this party consisted of an older crowd, however, the majority of the crowd were younger.
The moment Sanders phoned in the vibe of the bar changed it went from a social mingle to a political rally. It went from subtle conversations amongst peers to everyone zoning in on the closest speaker. Sander’s voice took over the sounds of clinking glass and howling wind.
While seeking information to see what their thoughts were on Bernie Sanders and his planes and ask about their thoughts on the early results.
Some who attended the rally were advised not to speak to the press, while others were able to but had to be off the record. However, the majority of the supporters who were not associated with the campaign were able to be interviewed.
When it came to discussing what topics they supported from Sanders Hughes Ellies a resident of las vegas says “ I believe college should be free” while Jill who’s a teacher herself disagreed with Ellis saying that it shouldn’t be free.
When asked who they would vote for next the first response that was given by Ellis was that “ Bloomberg reminded me of a confident Trump”
One of the most talked-about points at the rally was healthcare.
“Health care is a human right, it was cheaper back then,” says Sanders supporter Maurice Freedman said in an interview. “You would be accepted right away and didn’t have to wait to hear back.”
Deborah Burger, President; Co-President for the California Nurses Association; National Nurse United, is a strong supporter of health care.
“We don’t look at [patients] their immigration status, gender, whether their rich or poor we look at them to help.”
“The end of Clintonism and the birth of a new democratic party, “ says Bernie Sanders supporter Bob Jensen.
The rain may have stopped during Sanders’ rally, but the support didn’t. After a successful showing in Nevada, doubts continue to dissipate as Super Tuesday approaches. Supporters show no signs of slowing down as election season continues.