Burning Man Headquarters Relocates

Rick Loomis/Los Angeles Times/MCT

William Wong

The 60-foot tall effigy of a man sees a barrage of fireworks explode into the air before itself being engulfed in a raging fire that is the culmination of a week of art, creativity and freedom for the 25,000 people who gathered in the desert in Black Rock City, Nevada to participate in the Burning Man event.

In a city that is rich in self-expression, the organizers of the annual event Burning Man are relocating its headquarters within the city of San Francisco.

Currently located in the San Francisco Bay View area, Burning Man is scheduled to relocate their offices to the downtown area of Market Street by the middle of May. Burning Man is a week-long annual event held out in the Black Rock Desert located in northwestern Nevada. It is a celebration of cultural events, self-expression, self-reliance, art, music, and community.

When asked about the move, Andie Grace, the Burning Man Communications Manager says, “Moving to downtown Market Street will increase our proximity and visibility to many San Francisco arts groups, nonprofits, community spaces, and other businesses in the area. Its accessibility will also make it even easier for our extended community to engage with us and our related nonprofit groups.”

Their current location in the San Francisco Bay View area was always considered to be temporary home. The move to downtown Market Street will be more suited to what Burning Man is all about and effectively draw the Burning Man community together.

Moving to the new location will allow Burning Man to be more active in civic engagement relating to their new neighborhood and the city at large. Burning Man has always been a huge part of San Francisco’s art and cultural scene for many years and their new home downtown is a logical next step in their participation and visibility.

The move will also benefit Market Street by occupying the five floors that are currently vacant in the office building Burning Man plans to move into. The landlord at their current building will seek tenants to occupy the space where the current Burning Man offices are located after their move in May.