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Bring on the Favre

Favre has been hassled in recent seasons for his retirement indecision.

The NFL lockout is finally over and teams all over the league have been filling up their rosters with the nearly 560 available free agents.

Top Free Agents have already been swooped up like Nnamdi Asomugha to the Eagles, Sidney Rice to the Seahawks, and the previously incarcerated Plaxico Burress to the Jets.

However, there are still some big names on the market, just waiting for a suitor to come calling.

Although many may hate the idea of yet another comeback from the Ol’ Gunslinger, Brett Favre is still ripe (very ripe) for picking.

According to, last year Favre ranked 19th in the league in completion percentage and 25th in passing yards, all while battling injuries and missing the last three games of the season (the only three games he has missed since 1992).

Even though the Wrangler wearing, un-retiring, picture messaging quarterback is turning 42 this October, he should still be on the list for possible acquisition for a few teams.

For example, the Buffalo Bills could use Favre’s right arm.

They have four quarterbacks on their roster at the moment, but not one bona fide NFL starter graces their backfield.

Favre could start for them tomorrow.

Favre could also travel to sunny Miami, which would be easier on his old bones, and try to turn that struggling franchise around.

The Dolphins’ current starter, Chad Henne, is 13-14 the past two years with even less impressive passing stats.

And with only one proven wide-out on the roster in Brandon Marshall, the Fish from South Beach can use all the help in the passing game they can get.

And, of course, don’t forget about the dysfunctional Cincinnati Bengals.

After Bengal’s owner Mike Brown and quarterback Carson Palmer’s very public falling out, the Cat’s in orange and black are currently left with a plethora of less-than-stellar signal callers “led” by rookie quarterback Andy Dalton and career journeyman Bruce Gradkowski.

Try telling me that the Bengals couldn’t use Favre either on the field or helping to groom Dalton.

It’s going to be difficult to convince me otherwise.

The fact is that there are 32 teams in the NFL and Brett Favre is still one of the top 32 quarterbacks in the league.

I don’t care that Brett Favre retired, then came back only to retire and come back a few more times.

The man has a gift for playing football and is one of the all-time greats in the league.

He holds records for most completions, most touchdowns, most yards, most wins, and most consecutive starts.

At the age of (almost) 42, he may not be all he once was but he is still good enough to play in the league at a better-than-average level.

Please, please let me watch Brett Favre take snaps for one more year instead of watching Ryan Fitzpatrick stumble around the pocket again.

And if there is one thing we know for certain about Favre is that he wants to play.

Not only is it apparent from all his un-retirings, but anybody who watched him play throughout his career could see the passion he played with and his love for the game.

So, to any NFL executives out there, get on a plane, train, or automobile, get down to Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and beg Favre to trade in his Wranglers for a helmet and shoulder pads just one last time.

You’ll be doing a favor for your quarterback-less team, but more importantly, you will be doing a huge favor for the eyes of the 207.7 million unique viewers who watched the NFL during the regular season last year, according to The Nielsen Company.

Bring back the Favre.

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Bring on the Favre