Rainstorms, Thunder, and Lightening Squalls into the Bay Area

Capriccia Thomas, Health Editor

Stormy weather conditions showering throughout the Bay Area are in the forecast over the next week

May flowers, October showers? Precipitation is finally in the forecast. Dry conditions have plagued Calif. with wildfires, and much-needed rain is headed to the North and East Bay.

The ABC7 weather team has tracked the storms as they move through the Bay Area as a level 1 storm. Rainfall and high winds are expected to drench the region for the next seven days.

The rainstorm brewing in the Bay Area is unusual this time of year. “In the winter months like Dec., Jan., and Feb., it’s not uncommon for periods of rain to happen. It’s quite unusual to see this type of rain this early in the season,” stated Jake Sojda, Meteorologist II at AccuWeather.

The drought-plagued state welcomes the rain, but it comes at a cost. The heavy influx of rain in the area is accompanied by roaring winds that create critical weather conditions in the area.

The rainstorm has put a halt to the wildfire season. However, road hazards and power outages can still be impacted. “So much rain saturating the soil with the strong winds can impair root systems causing trees to topple. The winds across the entire area can incite power lines to be impacted,” continued Sodja.

There is some avail to the storm. The incoming rain is beneficial to the state’s drought recovery efforts. “Rain and especially snow in the Sierra is very beneficial. Of course, wildfires should subside when we have rain,” stated Dr. Elena Givental, a lecturer in the Department of Anthropology, Geography, and Environmental Studies at California State University, East Bay.

Despite the rainstorm’s efforts, the drought will still be a factor for Californians. “For now, the precipitation is very low, so today’s storm will not alleviate the drought. But, if the cyclonic activity continues, it might,” remarked Givental.

The rain activity is a result of cyclonic pressures moving rapidly from the North West Coast. “Climate change is an ongoing process, but precipitation has been happening in all climates and most climate types. The storms here in California are typical in winter and come from the Pacific in the form of mid-latitude cyclone,” continued Givental.

Every rainy season is unprecedented. “Every winter season is different, but it may be raining from time to time,” concluded Givental.

This season, the dark misty air and billowing clouds are carving a new look for raincoats, rain boots, and umbrellas. This harvest time has a new set of cooling temperatures filled with rain droplets and high winds. For more information about tracking the rainstorm, please visit here.