Mothership: Voyage into Afrofuturism at the Oakland Museum of California

Sept. 10 at the Oakland Museum of California. The entrance to the Mothership: Voyage into Afrofuturism exhibit with information about Afrofuturism and its celebration of Black imagination.

Maha Sanad, Social Media Editor

Afrofuturism is an artistic movement of literature, music, art, and cinema that looks at science fiction through a Black cultural lens. Whereas science fiction is a historically white-dominated genre, Afrofuturism incorporates elements of Black history and culture for Black people and their ideas to thrive in the science fiction genre.

The Oakland Museum of California’s Mothership: Voyage into Afrofuturism exhibit is an exploration of Black imagination, showcasing the ways in which Afrofuturism is present in our everyday lives.

With pieces from some of the most central figures, like Octavia E. Butler, Sun Ra, and Kahlil Joseph, in the cultural phenomena that is Afrofuturism, this exhibit is a must-see for viewers wanting a look at the heart of Afrofuturism.
For more information on the exhibit and to buy tickets, go here.