Trick or dog treats: Dog parade returns

By Jovill Pagay, CONTRIBUTOR

Happy Halloween, goblins and witches! It is finally the night to celebrate with the ghosts and zombies that have been dying to be part of the October festivities.
Halloween is an annual holiday for all families to join in the celebration by dressing up as whoever they fancy and, on this day, being a normal human being is vastly overhyped.
Halloween does not discriminate against anyone or anything, so by “all family members” that includes your furry, four-legged pet, who can also join in the party!
A pawfect way for them to be part of the occasion is by throwing a Halloween pet costume parade. The City of Sunnyvale decided to do just that.
“I recently just moved to Sunnyvale. So, I thought, ‘what a better way to know my community than going to a pet parade,’” I loved seeing all the dogs in their costumes made by their [pet] parent’s creative designs. It was a fun experience to be a part of and I’ll be looking forward to it again next year,” stated Kevin Kcomt, an attendee of the parade.
On Sunday Oct. 27, the city of Sunnyvale hosted its annual Halloween pet costume parade, not only to honor the holiday for all kinds of pets, but to commemorate the service to former police K-9 Jax.
K-9 officer, Jax, died on Oct. 31, 2017, when confronting a suspect involved in a domestic violence dispute. Due to the suspect’s refusal to submit to the police officers, Jax was sent out to control and arrest the suspect. However, Jax was stabbed by the suspect and later that evening, after being rushed to the animal shelter, was pronounced dead at the age of four.
During Jax’s time, he had served for two years in Sunnyvale and assisted in 26 arrests.
Since Jax’s death, the City of Sunnyvale has decided to honor Jax by holding a Halloween parade for pets and families in the community. Not only is the parade is a dedication to Jax but to the past and current working K-9 officers of the City of Sunnyvale.
To leave on pawsitive note, Halloween is a special spooky night for communities to gather around and celebrate amongst the spirits and witches during this time of year.