The Chabot Theater and The Campus Spirit Hotline

The Chabot Theater Fights to Stay Alive

The Chabot Theater in Castro Valley advertising karaoke event January 31, 2023 (Trenton Goudeaux)

Since being built in 1950 The Chabot Theater has been a staple in the Castro Valley and East Bay community, the theater has been a backbone of entertainment, art, and culture for multiple generations in its area. The Chabot Theater is an independent theater that shows first run films, classic films, plays, and hosts events as well.
During the COVID-19 pandemic The Chabot Theater was forced to temporarily shut down; after opening back up the theater was faced with an all-time low, struggling to produce the amount of customer traffic as they did prior to the pandemic. Ultimately this led to many financial challenges, leaving the theater fighting to stay afloat and open.
In order to stay alive The Chabot Theater has become very creative in their attempt to attract more customers and traffic. They have been more active in regards to using the space to host events, showing more classic films (some which are voted on by the community and customers), as well as inviting a number of popular food trucks to serve customers in front of the theater.

Campus Spirit Hotline Helps Students with Mental Health

“Helping Spirit Hotline” located next to the CSUEB theater on north side of campus (Michael Savin)

Located on the northside of CSUEB’s campus, the “Helping Spirit Hotline” has been sparking curiosity among students. Created by the East Bay Department of Theatre and Dance, the hotline aims to give students and campus goers an opportunity to use the phone in the booth to speak with “people on the other side” to provide a sense of comfort in their lives.
On the outside of the booth are pictures of various spiritual flowers and plants with explanations of how they can contribute to the process and engage the user with symbols of health and wellness.
The hotline is the perfect opportunity for any CSUEB student to have a unique experience that they ordinarily wouldn’t. Students are greatly encouraged to give it a try and based upon the outpouring of positive reviews, it is a welcome new addition to campus life.