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““Should male performers be held to the same standard as women when it comes to the removal of clothing on televsion. If so, why?””


“I think guys should be held up to the same standards as women just because we consider our top part private doesn’t mean that guys shouldn’t. That they have the right to take off their shirt but for a woman it isn’t.”
-Sophie David, Freshman, Pre-Nursing

“I believe that they should be held to the same standards because we should all be treated equally, whether we are male or female.”
-Jarrel Avila, Senior, Kinesiology


“I think they definitely should, in the sense of viewer discretion and keeping the respect with families watching because if a woman performer were to do that then it would be frowned upon. Probably a whole lawsuit would come upon and it would be a new scandal but if a male does it, it’s just seen as normal. I think just out of respect for other performers and just keeping the Super Bowl mainly focused on football, but still having a good halftime performance, males should abide by the same rules, everybody should.”
-Elijah Grimes, Freshman, Marketing

“It should be the same standard, because it’s a professional program, everybody is watching, if you’re going to hold women to the same accountability of you can’t take off your clothing. I don’t know what the consequences are but if that is a consequence and that is something that they are not supposed to be doing, then it should go for both sides, it’s the Super Bowl, all standards should be accountable as equal.”
-Edwin Stewart, Junior, Business Entrepreneurship


I believe that yes they should be held to the same standards because I feel like typically in the media women are over sexualized and it’s degrading and gratuitous, very very gratuitous, it makes me nauseous, honestly, sometimes to the point where it’s just like really, it’s basically like a porn. Men don’t really experience that as much. You turn on the TV and you see naked women everywhere but not really naked men as much.”
-Alexandria, Junior, Health Sciences: Pre-Clinical Option

“I think that the performers should be held at an equal standard. I don’t feel like women should be ostracized for delayering clothing. It has been a thing for men to walk around shirtless for years. In the 80’s and 90’s there was the whole crop top thing and clothing got shorter and shorter for women as fashion developed. I feel like the woman, if she carries herself in a certain way it doesn’t matter how she presents herself because it will show through her performing and through the way she carries herself. Yes, it’s okay to be a sexy woman, but I’m still professional and I’m still business at the same time.”
-Jasmine Flowers, Senior, Health Science