MoviePass is the future of movie theater ticket purchases

2015 redesigned Pioneer logo.

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2015 redesigned Pioneer logo.

Thamina Shah,

It has become so tedious to go to the movies nowadays. The digital age of movies is only getting better. For those born in the last two decades, there are shortcuts to make it easier and cheaper to enjoy activities like going to the movies.

You can now save money and put it towards more expensive things like overpriced textbooks or parts for your car that keeps breaking down.

The news that is going to be broken is going to spoil you. For those born before the last two decades, this can also be something you may benefit from.

There is the process of having to go on websites or apps such as Fandango, selecting a movie and show time and the option to purchase online or to buy it on site. There’s also that chance of a non guaranteed ticket if you choose to wait for buying it in person.

The spoiling news is there is a more convenient way to cut your time and cost: MoviePass. This is no ordinary pass to get you into a movie similar to what Costco offers. Costco was a good alternative at one point for selling packages of four movie tickets applicable at certain theaters.

The setback to this is the high cost considering you are buying four. The upside to MoviePass, however, is the flat rate. This is a monthly subscription that includes over 4,000 participating locations, and will only cost you $9.99 per month. This means at least 30 movies within a month. Theaters that have reserved seating are included in this count.

Many people have streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and even Amazon Instant Video. The selection of movies and shows can be limiting since they are not updated as often. If a movie was released in theaters and did not do so well, it makes its way to Netflix. This could be either flattering or insulting to those involved.

A lot of us are willing to admit how we spend more time searching for something to watch rather than actually watching something. Movie Pass sounds like a luxury since you are able to watch newly released movies for the same or less cost than these streaming services.

Within my Fremont zip code, I am able to watch movies at NewPark Mall’s AMC theater and Union Landing’s Century 25 theater. How it works is you download the app on your phone,

create an account which requires you to insert your card information and card delivery varies but mine was 8 to 10 business days. You are able to watch one 2D movie per day and there are no blackout dates. This is a lot better than waiting for discount Tuesday, which is offered at most theaters and beating the rush of it. Once you have your card you are able to begin movie going.

You need to check in when you are in proximity of the theater for the movie you would like to watch. You make your way inside to purchase a ticket as normal but pay by swiping your MoviePass card. Your monthly subscription fee acts as credit. Do not forget that you may only watch one movie everyday.

If in a situation you have bought the ticket and can not watch the movie, you may contact MoviePass per written request, fill them in on what happened and you may watch a movie later on in the day once you have received their response.

In an interview with Moviepass holder, Zenaht Halekosai, she mentioned her positive experience“ Its been two months and I’ve watched 13 movies all for $10 a month. I’m a huge movie goer so it really saved me a bunch of money. Ticket prices at my theater have increased by 50 cents and a standard ticket can be around $13.75. I love my Moviepass card and I would never cancel my subscription.”

The app sounds almost too good to be true, that’s why I was inclined to put it to the test. After signing up, the card was delivered within eight to ten business days. The first movie that I swiped my card with was the “Murder On The Orient Express.” It was a self serve kiosk so I had to figure out how to use it on my own. The theater of choice was AMC NewPark, which has the red leather recliner seats. Upon entering, I felt that it was too good to be true, that someone was going to tell me the card was not valid, but nothing of that sort happened.

An average evening movie ticket can cost around $14, you are saving four dollars along with receiving a premium experience. This leaves a bigger allowance at the concession stand. You are now able to get a large on that popcorn and soda. My first MoviePass experience was short, it might have been the showtime, but I ended up falling asleep a few minutes into the movie. I woke up during the climax of it but was still able to piece everything together.

If I would have paid for that movie, I would have been let down about missing most of it. The fact that I have a subscription and do not have to pay per movie, it made me feel less guilty.

After comparing the experiences at both theaters, I think it would be smart to maximize your movie going experience by using your MoviePass at AMC theaters. The MoviePass introduced me to movies I have not heard of before and I ended up liking them. It is a great way to pass time and save money by using a Moviepass.

With a $10 monthly fee, you can have at least 30 hang outs with your friends and you will not break the bank. Recommend MoviePass to your friends and you also get yourself a movie buddy.