Eminem’s take on president Trump

Deepika Dipshika,

It is no secret that one of the most controversial topics when it comes to the United States of America is ironically our own president: Donald Trump.  Many have no qualms in vocalizing their views about the heavily opinionated public figure, which makes celebrities no exception.  This is why most recently world-renowned songwriter and rapper, Eminem, dedicated an entire freestyle rap entitled “The Storm” to questionably the most hated man in America.

Though Eminem is not the first one to publicly express his view on the president’s thoughts and actions, his music video on YouTube has reached 37 million views and has effectively stolen the limelight from prior artists and rappers like YG and Kendrick Lamar, who have also shared their opinions about the president through music.

During the five minute performance, Eminem brings up several political issues revolving around Trump while criticizing his stance on them. He doesn’t shy away from expressing true emotions without any sort of filter, and repeatedly refers to the president using derogatory terms and insults throughout the entire the song.

While each verse of the freestyle literally incorporates some sort of profanity at

Trump, lines like, “He’s gonna get rid of all immigrants! He’s gonna build that thang up taller than this! Well, if he does build it, I hope it’s rock solid with bricks. ‘Cause like him in politics, I’m using all of his tricks. The lyrics delve deeper into actual issues since the president has shared his stance on and what action he feels necessary to take.

Additionally, Eminem speaks directly to the audience and says his supporters have

a decision to make on who they wish to support, and those who are unable to make one have already passively decided to take the side of the oppressor. Now, it goes without saying that a song of this nature would create controversy and along with that comes a plethora of opinions.

When I asked California State University, East Bay student, Alex Ramirez, about his take on Eminem’s unfiltered rap his response was a positive one. “Our own president doesn’t watch the things that come out of his mouth and made it okay to say whatever, whenever so no one can say Eminem can’t do the same. I love his song because it’s entertaining but also covers an important issue that affects everyone here. Everything he said in it is accurate.”

Like Ramirez, there are many who are applauding Eminem’s performance including famous figures like Ellen DeGeneres, Lebron James, and of course the man who started it all: Colin Kaepernick.

Celebrities have a history of withholding their real opinions from the public eye in order to avoid backlash. However, recently we are seeing a breakage of this pattern. More public figures are speaking out against President Trump, and the numbers are only seeming to rise.  While some prefer to take sly jabs at him during an acceptance speech, like Meryl Streep, or hop on social media to tweet their disapproval, like John Legend. Others like Eminem feel no hesitation in sharing their full-fledged, authentic opinion to the world, Trump supporter or not.