One restroom for all: The plight of CSUEB student housing

Fernanda Carrillo,

I am one of the many students living on campus along the 1901 block of Harder Road, an area filled with student dorms. I live in the Sonora Building with many other transfer students who attend Cal State East Bay.

I currently live in a dorm with six other people, however, the only problem with the room is the limited space we get. We have six people living in one house, three students per dorm and one single bathroom for all. Which is where the chaos happens the most. With every single person having different schedules, someone is always on hold to use the restroom.

In 2015, Cal State East Bay expanded their housing dorms. Despite this, according to the Student Housing and Residence Life website there was an “overwhelming demand for on-campus housing this year.”

It seems like many students who are on the lookout for a place to stay aren’t getting a spot. However, Pioneer Heights makes sure every student gets a place to stay for the school year.

“There’s no privacy when you have six people in one dorm,” said Mario Montiel, who currently lives in the CSUEB dorms. “It’s hard to have a private life when you always have people around. Sharing one bathroom sucks because we have to wait in line whenever we want to go in. It’s not convenient at all, especially when everyone is home.”

Students want to live on campus for a variety of reasons. They don’t have to drive to campus and worry about finding a parking space. Dorms also provide students with various appliances, like a medium size fridge and a stove already installed, something you may not be able to get in an apartment.

In the dorms, we also have access to high-speed Internet and cable television, as well as custodial service for community spaces and a responsive maintenance team.

Juan Peña, a resident in the student dorms, said, “I think for the amount that we pay, we should at least get two toilets, because that’s the main problem. But I really appreciate the fact that our dorm already comes with internet and cable to watch TV and play our games.”

According to the CSUEB Student Housing and Residence Life, quarterly payment plans for on-campus housing ranges from $10,000 to $13,000 per year, not including tuition. Even though living on campus is temporary for some students, students just want what is best for them. Students who share a “triple suite” should be able to have two restrooms. This is not a problem with all the Cal State East Bay dorms. Students who share a double suite have two restrooms, since they pay a higher price for housing.

Even though students have their problems with the limited space they receive, they seemed to be satisfied with what they get in the end. Cal State East Bay tries their best to provide the best assistance to all students who may need it. Hopefully, changes are made in the upcoming years so students feel at their best and most comfortable here at CSUEB.