Differences clear in men, women’s basketball

Marissa Marshall,
Staff Writer

Women’s basketball games are more fun than men’s basketball games.

When a statement like that is made, the majority of people, especially men, would disagree. But there’s a clear explanation that has plenty of validity to it.

Before working with a WNBA team, I would have said an NBA game is more fun to attend than a women’s basketball game. Even though I am a woman, I am more aware and knowledgeable of the NBA players and, well, NBA players can dunk.

In November I attended the Warriors versus the New Orleans Pelicans game with my father, which also happened to be the game where Golden State guard Stephen Curry broke the record for most 3-pointers in a single game. Exciting right?

It was.

I was thrilled to witness history, but there was also a sense of boredom to the game since the Warriors dominated throughout the contest and Pelicans power forward Anthony Davis was the lone bright spot for the opponent.

Boredom at a Warriors games seems unfathomable, I know, but I was.

The only enthusiasm was ignited when Curry made a shot; otherwise, it was a slaughter by the Warriors — no fun, just a blowout.

WNBA games are much more competitive, closer in scores and make the women’s game a far more enjoyable time.

People like to knock female athletes, claiming they aren’t as athletic, making it not as fun to watch or go to a game, but that’s not true. WNBA players work just as hard, play just as hard, make just as many exciting shots and great plays as NBA players. The only difference is, they are women.

But the gender differences in male and female competition is not the reason why a WNBA game is or isn’t better.

It’s the entertainment.

For example, a Los Angeles Sparks game has tons of entertainment. For one, they have their own personal DJ, ‘DJ Malksy,’ which is definitely the heart and soul of Sparks games and keeps every game fun. He plays music throughout the entire game, and every time out or break, he coordinates dance competitions or karaoke. When the opposing team misses a shot he plays a line from a Marvin Sapp song ‘Never Would Have Made It,’ which gives the crowd a good laugh every time.

The Sparks have three different dance crews who perform at nearly every game with fresh choreography each time they go on stage.

There’s also a different halftime performer at every game, whether it’s a dance group, singer or other form of entertainment. It’s always someone new and thrilling. In addition to that, the Sparks honor people from the community who inspire and uplift through positive change.

There is a t-shirt toss at every game where about 50 shirts are thrown out to the crowd, as well as seat upgrades and giveaways with items like signed basketballs by the players.

Also, every game the Sparks give one fan a chance to ‘Shoot for Swag,’ where they can win up to three items such as a t-shirt, backpack, and Sparks tickets. The contestant has 30 seconds to try and make a shot from the free throw line, the top of the key, and the 3-point line.

The energy is so much more lively and there is more crowd involvement, which calls for a good time no matter what the score is on the board.